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20 Infographic Templates and Element Packs

Millions of people and businesses are competing with each other to grab their target audience’s attention on Social Media. It’s the age of multimedia and...

20 Twitter Header Templates

When you are trying to stand out in a community of more than 3 million users, every tiny detail matters. You can keep posting the most...

20 Free Email Signature Templates

It’s baffling to see so many professionals and businesses failing to take advantage of their email signatures. It’s something all of your recipients will...

20 Best Logo Templates for Social Media Companies

A logo can go a long way toward making your business look bigger and more credible. Scripts like like WordPress or Joomla have made it...

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Cameron Coward

Inexpensive Wearable Patches Monitor Sweat and the Data It Contains

Your sweat can tell you a lot about your body and its current condition. At the most obvious level, you can tell how...
The 20-minute Twitter Audit to Refresh Your Account

The 20-minute Twitter Audit to Refresh Your Account

Just like any digital marketing strategy, you need to check in on your Twitter profile and tactics every now and then to ensure...
Google, Facebook, Amazon testify in US against French digital tax

Digital Tax on Google, Amazon, Facebook, others will gut consumers and small businesses

Google, Facebook, and Amazon and several other major tech companies argued the digital services tax by France will hurt small business and consumers during a U.S. hearing...

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