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20 Twitter Header Templates

When you are trying to stand out in a community of more than 3 million users, every tiny detail matters. You can keep posting the most...

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Google, Facebook, Amazon testify in US against French digital tax

Digital Tax on Google, Amazon, Facebook, others will gut consumers and small businesses

Google, Facebook, and Amazon and several other major tech companies argued the digital services tax by France will hurt small business and consumers during a U.S. hearing...
Want to Burn $9 Million to Go 236 MPH? Try the New Bugatti

Want to Burn $9 Million to Go 236 MPH? Try the New Bugatti

The first music video I recall was for Scar Tissue, one of three number-one hits from the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ 1999 album...
Truth or Fiction?

Is Facebook Ending Group Chats?

ClaimFacebook is discontinuing Facebook Groups chat on August 22 2019.ReportingAround mid-August 2019, Facebook group posts about a purported end to Messenger group chat...

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