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We pay to our authors and promoters of traffic

Traffic At the end of each article is an affiliate link which you can share in social networks in blogs and on sites. All traffic is recalculated in real time on your profile. Recalculation in US dollars at the rate of 3 dollars per 1000 CPM. When you reach $ 20, you can request payment of your income. We only pay cryptocurrencies.

Autor We pay for reading your article at $ 3 US for every 1000 views.You can also be a promoter of traffic. Our guest posts should revolve around news, tips, and general information with regards to the following topics: Cryptocurrency Blokchain Bitcoin ICO Altcoin Trends Techniques Development Tools Rules and regulations: Your post must be original and unpublished in any other site. Posts should not revolve around a single product, program or company. No reviews, too. Posts must have actual information on it. Do not submit generic articles that can easily be searched for all over the web. We want authentic, helpful posts that allow our readers to learn something new. We may edit your content according to our specifications without prior warning. We understand the importance of giving some link love, and by all means link to your site, but please don’t litter it all over the article. Posts must have images in the body that support the content. Please include internal links in your post. Posts must be written in good English. Posts must reach a minium 500 word count unless supported by other content such as video or images. You must watch your post when it’s up and respond to the comments you receive. This will provoke discussion and, of course, more traffic. Tags and categories must be mandatory.

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