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WhatsApp has announced three new privacy features for its users. This includes blocking all users from taking screenshots of an image that has been shared under the “view once” option. In addition to this, WhatsApp will also allow users to leave a group silently. Lastly, the Meta-owned messaging platform will let the users decide if they do not want their online status to be shown to users on the platform. Also Read – WhatsApp may soon allow users to hide number from specific groups: Details here

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WhatsApp introduces new privacy features

WhatsApp made the official announcements of these features on Twitter last night. The three new privacy features will start rolling out starting this month itself. After the rollout of the new features, users will not be able to take screenshots of ‘View Once’ images as it usually discards the point of this feature. WhatsApp will black out whenever a user tries to take a screenshot. Also Read – WhatsApp new privacy features: Now leave WhatsApp groups silently, hide online status, block screenshots

Users will also be able to leave a group silently. WhatsApp will no longer show a notification that a specific person left the chat. Notably, only group admins will be notified every time a participant leaves a group.

The third functionality is hiding your online status. Users will be able to decide who can see your online status on WhatsApp. Just like Status, Last Seen and Profile Picture privacy settings, users will be able to choose from Contacts, Everyone and Nobody for their online status as well. WhatsApp users will be able go hide their active status from others on the platform.

In addition to this, the messaging platform has also announced recently that users will be able to delete a message for up to 2 to 12 days after sending the text.

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