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Changpeng Zhao (CZ), Binance Chief is actively trying to clear doubts around the Enforcement Directorate (ED) investigation of WazirX. Meanwhile, CZ has also accused Nischal Shetty of being uncooperative in the process.

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WazirX not cooperating with Binance?

In the latest turn of events, CZ replying to a Tweet by Nischal Shetty, co-founder of WazirX said that people are “playing deception wording game.”

He added that Binance can shut down the domain but this will just hurt the users. However, they hold no control over WazirX’s trading system. CZ claims that the Indian crypto exchange just gave them the AWS login without any source code and deployment capability.

CZ mentioned that Nishcal retained access to the AWS account, source code, deployment and many more.

Binance Chief accused WazirX of being uncooperative with them and he believes that they are also not cooperating with ED as well in this case. CZ mentioned that in February 2022 Binance asked for transferring system source code, deployment and operations of WazirX. However, the Indian crypto exchange platform refused to do this transaction.

CZ asked the users holding funds on Wazirx to transfer them onto Binance. He highlighted that Binance has the power to disable WazirX wallets on a tech level. However, he can’t and won’t do that as he doesn’t want to hurt them.

Does Binance have full control?

Earlier, Nischal Shetty targeting the CZ said that Binance holds control of WazirX. He mentioned that they have ROOT access to AWS and Binance holds WazirX’s domains completely.

He further added that Binance charges all the fees for crypto-crypto trading and withdrawals. However, Zanmai India only charges INR-crypto trading fees and INR deposit and withdrawal fees.

Meanwhile, a Twitter user asked CZ why he and Nischal Shetty is fighting on the social media platform. To this Binance head replied that they are not fighting. He just wants to provide help in this situation.

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