FASTag toll plaza
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The Indian govt has proposed a new plan under which it will completely remove a toll plaza from a highway. However, that doesn’t mean there won’t be any toll tax. The government’s plan is to make the process seamless, even more than the Fastag experience. The Union Minister for Road and Transport, Nitin Gadkari has claimed that the govt plans to use a new number plate technology that will make toll plazas completely redundant. There won’t be any reason to stop and pay.

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During the question hour in Rajya Sabha, union minister Nitin Gadkari claimed that govt is under process to bring a new technology that will collect the toll using a computerised digital system. While the official decision is not yet made, the govt is in the process of finalising the plan.

The minister claimed that with this system in place, there will be no need of any toll, any person, or any major structure at all. Additionally, this will help the government more revenue considering there won’t be any specific infrastructure or human capital that will need heavy maintenance.

How will the new toll process work

The govt is still working on finalizing the process. Essentially, there are two options:
Under the first option, the govt will use a satellite-based system that will track the GPS of the car to collect toll tax straight from the bank account.

Under the second option, the govt will change your car’s old number plate and install a new option that will be compatible with a computerised system that will be able to trace where the car has entered a major highway and where it will exit it.

Gadkari explained, “The easiest system is when you start from the point it will register and when you leave the highway it will again register. So only the exact amount the car drove will be deducted from the owner’s account. We are already working on it. We have not made up our mind as far as the selection of the technology is concerned. But within a month we will select the technology. We will use all the sophisticated technology of the world which will be useful for the people.”

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