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Marking one of this year’s largest DeFi attacks so far, around 8,000 crypto wallets on the Solana network have been drained out of around $8 million (roughly Rs. 63 crore) so far. The hack has only impacted ‘hot wallets’, that are always connected to the Internet. Most of the attacked wallets had been dormant for around six months. Not just SOL tokens, but Solana Program Library (SPL) tokens, assets that live on Solana’s network, are also at risk as the attack is still being considered as ‘underway’.

The Solana-based wallet providers known to have been struck by this attack include Slope, Phantom, and TrustWallet.

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As Solana developers addressed the issue on social media, they advised the community members to switch from hot wallets to cold or hardware wallets as a preventative measure.

In fresh tweets, Solana developers have said that Slope wallet app could have been the start-point for this attack.

All the concerned wallet providers are internally investigating the reason of the exploit and Phantom has already declined any flaw from its end, TechCrunch reported.

As per Avalanche blockchain founder Emin Gün Sirer, the transactions caused by the hack were all properly signed, indicating towards a potential ‘supply chain attack’ where the users’ private keys are stolen.

The attack on Solana wallets is still being considered underway for now. Investigation has been launched to probe the cause.

The incident comes just a couple of days after Nomad, a cross-chain bridge lost $200 million (roughly Rs. 1,570 crore) in a massive exploit.

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