CRE8 Index: What Is It, and How It Can Help You Create a Great Crypto Portfolio?
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Investing in crypto can sound slightly complicated initially. Which coin is ideal for your investment? How do you get started? Well, India’s largest crypto trading platform, CoinSwitch has created a crypto index that will help make your investment journey smoother.

Introducing CRE8, which is the short form for Crypto Rupee Index. CRE8 is a list of the top eight crypto assets that have been brought together to form an index to help you with your trading decisions. It has been created by India’s largest crypto trading platform, CoinSwitch, to make your crypto investing journey fuss-free. Also, these top eight cryptos are fundamentally strong, liquid, and have performed well in the past. 

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CRE8 is the first crypto index that can measure the performance of the Indian onshore crypto market in INR value and uses CoinSwitch’s platform to do so. It has been designed especially for Indian crypto investors and covers over 85 percent of the crypto market. It will help in ending the confusion that could otherwise arise in an investor’s mind while investing in the market.

What are crypto indices?

To understand crypto indices, let’s take the example of the National Stock Exchange or NSE. 

You all must have heard about NIfty50 for a long time. It lists the country’s top 50 companies by market capitalization and tracks their performance. One can easily know how the market is doing by just looking at the Nifty 50 chart. It cuts the need to track the 50 companies individually. 

So, the crypto indices function in the same way, except that they are made up entirely of cryptocurrencies. People have started taking crypto investing seriously, and that is why the concept of index investing is slowly entering the world of crypto.

How is CRE8 different from the other indices?

As we said above, CRE8 is the first crypto index to measure the performance of the Indian onshore crypto market. It tracks the performance of crypto assets in INR value using the CoinSwitch platform and is based on real-time trades there. 

CRE8 is designed specifically for Indian crypto investors

Currently, most of the crypto indices are US indexes and hence, do not reflect the India onshore prices. And that is where CoinSwitch’s CRE8 enters and fills the gap by helping the Indian inventors look at the market in a far better way. 

Also, the factors that drive the crypto market in India are global prices, INR exchange rates and Indian demand/supply. 

CRE8 includes top cryptos assets by market cap

The index composition of CRE8 consists of the top eight crypto assets namely Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Binance Coin (BNB), Ripple (XRP), Cardano (ADA), Solana (SOL), Polkadot (DOT) and Dogecoin (DOGE), making almost 70% of the broader crypto market. CoinSwitch rebalances the index once on the 25th calendar day of the month and reconstitutes it once a quarter.

CRE8 is updated in real-time

CRE8 is one of a kind of crypto index that gets updated every minute, so you can get data which is relevant for that specific time. Also, more data points for you to work with, especially in the bear market.

How can you use CRE8 to make crypto investing decisions?

By now, you know how helpful indices can be in the crypto investment journey. They make it easier to evaluate the performance of the top cryptos and understand the market sentiment better by cutting the noise of the crypto market. Not to mention, they also help in creating a diversified portfolio. 

CRE8 by CoinSwitch is one such index that will make anyone’s investment journey smoother. An index like CRE8 can be helpful during times when there is a huge noise about lesser-known crypto that is affecting the market’s volatility and bringing fear among investors.

So, investing in the crypto market using CRE8 will not only keep you away from unnecessary noise, but will also remove the burden of researching and selecting crypto to invest in. 

Finally, the key insight to take from this article is that CRE8 will help millions of investors make informed decisions. And there’s no denying that as the crypto market evolves and grows in size, Crypto Rupee Index or CRE8 will gain importance among investors. As it will not just help them in tracking the market better, but will also simplify their investing journey. 

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