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While in the past couple of years, India has seen several new EV brands emerging to develop cheaper and better vehicles, the country does have a shortage of EV charging stations by a long shot. Despite several government initiatives, followed by the interest of private players, EV charging facilities in India are lacking, and even after some time, they may not be available everywhere. Also Read – Tata Motors bags order of 1500 electric buses from Delhi Transport Corporation: Check details

Having said that, the country needs to install more than thousands of EV charging facilities every year to get closer to some of the developed and developing nations like the US and China, respectively. Also Read – Seven electric bikes catch fire while charging in Pune

India needs 46,000 EV charging stations in the eight years

According to a white paper released by a global service firm called Alvarez and Marsal, India needs to install a minimum of 46,000 electric vehicle charging stations in the next eight years to catch up to countries like the United States and China. Also Read – Xiaomi reportedly planning to unveil its first car prototype in August

Currently, the ratio of the number of electric vehicles produced and on road is out of proportion to the number of EV charging stations available. This isn’t the case with other regions like the US and China.

In the US, for instance, there is one EV charging station for every 19 electric vehicles. This is even better in China, where there is one EV charging facility for every six EVs. All of this, of course, depends on the country’s population and several other factors, however, China does have a sizeable population. That being said, having a good ratio of the number of EVs to the number of EV charging stations is laudable.

When it comes to India, there is one EV charging station for every 135 electric vehicles, which sounds out of the place. The Netherlands is also said to have a similar ratio, but we cannot forget that it does have a fairly small population.

Not having enough EV charging facilities is one of the issues in the EV space. The white paper also revealed some of the other constraints that come in the EV sector in India, which makes EV adoption slower in the country.  This includes safety reasons, higher prices, and range anxieties amongst EV buyers.

Manish Saigal of Alvarez & Marshal believes that these issues can be overlooked and India can potentially become one of the EV leaders in the near future.

“We believe that if these issues can be addressed by a concerted effort by the industry along with the government support, India can potentially become one of the leading markets and manufacturing hubs globally for the EV segment,” said Saigal.

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