$STYLE Protocol, An Evolving Blockchain Deep Tech Startup Is Making 3D NFT Usage Feasible For A Low Price
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Summary: The decentralized blockchain company $STYLE Protocol is bringing a new wave of utilization to your NFTs. Metaverse usability in 3D.

Berlin, Germany / JULY 25, 2022 / $STYLE Protocol has reached its Q3 2022 stage, in which the developers of this open protocol will be preparing for a public launch of the protocol through LBPs in 2023.

The Whitepaper and tokenomics for the decentralized $STYLE protocol are also scheduled for release in Q3. Moreover, the launch will be announced through email and Discord to offer the community a head start in participating. Finally, the NFT-Projects under construction in Q2 will be publicized via the MVP, and developers eager to introduce their NFT into the metaverse may begin utilizing the protocol’s initial version, “0.0.1,” to make NFTs usable in 3D for a small charge.

The $STYLE protocol team has always believed that the Web 3.0 space should be completely decentralized and become an easily navigable network where players of any skill level may acquire and customize an extensive range of virtual items from any metaverse or game to use with their avatars across different virtual worlds and video games. Judging by their progress presently, they are smoothly achieving all their goals.

The primary aim of $STYLE Protocol is to provide users with as much flexibility and utilization of their NFTs as possible to create unique avatars. Be it accessories, clothing, ammunition, vehicles, etc. (any 3D metaverse object), they have everything to make your avatar stand out. With their help, designers, companies, and other creators may bring their ideas to life in the virtual world, aka the Metaverse. In addition, NFTs may be used for lending and sub-licensing, allowing a wide variety of 3D assets to be made available to players for all over the multiverse.




The FIRST MAYC NFT is now completely interoperable in 4 metaverses, such as Sandbox and Decentralnd, thanks to the $STYLE Protocol. Adaland, Cosmic Factions, Gamestate, and Somnium Space, are all in the works, with more to be revealed in the near future. They are successfully creating a fully interoperable system.

A collaboration with STYLE Protocol allows any NFT initiative, business, or designer to make their ideas and concepts into interoperable pieces of art. As soon as “metaverse” gained prominence, the industry began discussing interoperability.  These NFTs represent a person’s culture, status, attitude, and sense of self. To represent themselves on social media, many people have begun to buy NFTs, which allow them to wander freely in numerous metaverses as their NFT.

With their protocol, NFTs may be used as a skin, garment, avatar, or even a blank fashion item that can be personalized and shared in many metaverses. There is a serious lack of originality today, and the $STYLE Protocol is helping in this. Gaming is one of the world’s most popular entertainment industries, but customization and interoperability are still lacking, and this open protocol is working to change that.

About $STYLE protocol

The $STYLE protocol is an open protocol that may be used to provide NFTs and virtual asset licenses to participants in any metaverse. Your Fashion-NFTs, assets, and anything else you can imagine may be launched into the multiverse using the $STYLE protocol, which is operating as a decentralized metaverse exchange (DMX). The $STYLE protocol assists you in transferring your 2D-Art-NFTs as well as your finest virtual assets into 3D assets and the metaverse of your choosing. The protocol aims to bring monetization and utilization to any NFT in any game or metaverse to use and sublicense to allow true interoperability of virtual assets across metaverses, games, and digital worlds.  

As the owner, you can use the $STYLE protocol, which is run by a community. This protocol will bridge NFTs into 3D forms and release them into other metaverses. The community will regulate the protocol as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

Media contact 

Business Name: $STYLE protocol

Contact person: Tim Segewitz

Contact: info@protocol.style 

City/State: Berlin, Germany
Website: https://www.protocol.style/ 

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