1inch-powered D’CENT Wallet now supports Fantom
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D’CENT Wallet has extended its integrated SWAP Service to include support for the Fantom Network. 

With this update, users can freely swap thousands of digital assets on the Fantom Network directly within this wallet, which is powered by the 1inch network, Coin Journal learned from a press release.

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With this addition, Fantom Network has become the fourth blockchain network available for token swapping to users of D’CENT. 

What is D’CENT Wallet? 

D’CENT Wallet was created by IoTrust, a company established by cybersecurity professionals with over 15 years of know-how and engineering expertise in developing secure chip technology-based, deeply embedded security solutions. 

Full transparency 

D’CENT’s app ensures a customized user experience and the ability to access a larger base of tokens with high liquidity through 1inch on the Fantom Network. 

The custom user experience comes with full transparency of swapping transactions and streamlined service flow.

At present, the SWAP Service integrated with D’CENT Wallet also supports Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, and Arbitrum. They are always adding new networks through updates. 

1inch unites decentralized protocols

The purpose of the 1inch Network is to unite decentralized protocols, facilitating the most secure, fastest, and most lucrative operations in the DeFi space. 

Designed for scalability 

Fantom is an EVM-compatible, high-performance L1 blockchain designed for scalability. Its mainnet, the Fantom Opera, runs on a proprietary consensus mechanism called Lachesis, which ensures high performance, low cost, and high transaction speed. 

Reliable security and solid scalability features make Fantom the ideal blockchain for deploying NFTs, metaverses, games, and decentralized applications in general.  

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