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A unified view of network operations is essential for IT teams that want to improve the digital customer experience while boosting their overall productivity, according to a new study.

A new survey for Riverbed, conducted by IDC, reveals that 90 percent of respondents currently use observability tools, yet 60 percent of them believe those tools are too narrowly focused and fail to provide a complete and unified view of their organization’s operating conditions.

InterServer Web Hosting and VPS

In addition 60 percent say the lack of unified observability restricts the IT organization’s ability to meet business requirements, and 59 percent said it makes their job and the job of their staff/peers more difficult.

“When IT teams use the same observability tools across domains, it fosters teamwork and operational success, which is critical during this period of IT talent scarcity,” says Dan Smoot, Riverbed’s president and CEO. “The intelligence and insights delivered through Unified Observability allow lower-level IT staff to take fast and decisive action, letting senior IT leaders focus on strategic business initiatives that improve the customer and employee experience.”

The skills shortage is a factor too as 56 percent of respondents agree their organization struggles to hire and retain highly skilled IT staff. In addition 58 percent of respondents believe that their most well-trained IT staff spend too much time on tactical responsibilities, and 63 percent of respondents agree their organization needs to find ways to enable lower-skilled IT staff to find and fix issues.

Companies are keen to invest in observability with 50 percent of respondents saying their observability budgets will rise in the next two years, and 30 percent say their budget will increase more than 25 percent.

The full report is available from the Riverbed site.

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