DEFCUSD Long-term Trend: Bullish (4H Chart)
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DeFi Coin Price Prediction – July 19
The Defi Coin price may continue to move upside if the current support level at $0.08675 holds, the market value of the coin may likely retest the $0.1215 resistance level soon.

Key Levels:
Resistance levels: $0.1000, $0.1100, $0.1200
Support levels: $0.08675, $0.08575, $0.08475

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DEFCUSD Long-term Trend: Bullish (4H Chart)

DeFi Coin is having a bullish posture in its long-term view. There is a potential upside as the coin is heading towards a rate hike.

The market price will want to bounce up again as the DEFCUSD price reaches the resistance level of $0.08797 as the 4-hourly chart opens today. So the best option is to position ourselves accordingly and see how far this can go.

The market value of DEFCUSD which has risen significantly to the $0.08913 resistance level above the EMA-9 is capable of rising further to the $0.1215 resistance level and beyond.

More upside is possible in the nearby days as the market is oversold at the moment on the daily stochastic. This will compel the buyers to resume and continue an uptrend soon and take us high; we, therefore, expect the price action to reach a $0.1215 significant level soon in the long-term view.

DEFCUSD Medium-term Trend: Bullish (1H Chart) DEFCUSD Medium-term Trend: Bullish (1H Chart)DeFi Coin at $0.08913 resistance level as the 1-hourly chart opens today affirms the presence of more bulls in the market. The market price of DEFCUSD at a $0.08913 high level is seen above the EMA-9 and below the EMA-50 as the 1-hourly session opens today.

This makes it easier for the pair to rise further and take us to a significant level in the resistance area.

Hence, the price of DEFCUSD pointing downwards on the price movement indicator, suggests that the bulls will soon take charge of the market as it is approaching the oversold region. We, therefore, expect the traders to turn the market to a bullish market soon in the medium-term view.

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