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Just yesterday, Intel gave us some insight on one of its upcoming Arc A-Series desktop graphics card.

The company said that its Intel Arc A750 GPU performs similar to Nvidia’s RTX 3060 graphics card series. In the benchmarks that Intel picked, its graphics card outperformed Nvidia’s card by up to 17%.

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Independently run benchmarks are still amiss, but it looks as if the cards have a similar performance, with Intel beating Nvidia in some games, and Nvidia beating Intel in others. What we did not know then were other specifics. Intel did not reveal pricing information nor anything about the top of the line card A770.

Tech site WCCFtech got their hands on a document that Intel has shared “with their major Taiwanese partners” apparently. It lists Intel’s Arc A-Series Desktop product SKUs and how the individual cards compare to Nvidia’s and AMD’s lineup, according to Intel.

  Nvidia AMD Intel
Enthusiast- $400-$499 RTX 3070 and above Radeon 6750 and above
Performance+ $300-$399 RTX 3060 TI
RTX 3060
Radeon 6650 XT
Radeon 6600
Performance- $200-$299 RTX 3050 A580
Mainstream+ $150-$199 Radeon 6500 XT
Radeon 6400 53W
Mainstream- $100-$149 GTX 1650 A380
Entry GTX 1050/TI A310

The price range puts Intel’s top of the line cards A750 and A770 in the Performance+ group, which has a price range of $300 to $399. Intel’s fastest first generation Arc card, the A770, beats Nvidia’s RTX 3060 and AMD’s Radeon 6600 cards according to the graph. The performance of Intel’s card could be a bit weaker than Nvidia’s RTX 3060Ti and AMD’s Radeon 6650 XT cards.

Benchmarks have to verify the findings. Assuming that the table is correct, Intel would have to compete against AMD’s and Nvidia’s cards on another level. When you check out the prices of the cards, you will notice that Nvidia’s RTX 3060 Ti card begins at around $450 currently. AMD Radeon 6650 XT cards start at around $360. Intel’s price for its card is likely between $349 and $399, which would make it cheaper than Nvidia’s card and maybe even cheaper than AMD’s card.

Our colleagues over at WCCFtech suggest the same thing, that Intel’s Arc lineup appears to “be priced to undercut the competition”.

Whether that is enough to convince users to buy Intel’s card remains to be seen. It appears that the A770 graphics card will be available with 8 Gigabyte and 16 Gigabytes of RAM, which could result in the 8GB card being sold for around $350, and the 16 Gigabyte card for around $399.

Intel’s first generation of Arc graphics cards can’t compete with Nvidia or AMD top of the line cards. There is no Intel Arc 950 or 970 video card yet, and things won’t get easier with the upcoming releases of the RTX 4000 and Radeon RX 7000 series of graphics cards.

It will be interesting to see what Intel has in store for its second generation of Arc graphics cards, and how successful the first generation cards will become.

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Intel's entire Arc A-Series Desktop Graphics Card lineup leaks

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Intel’s entire Arc A-Series Desktop Graphics Card lineup leaks


A leaked document reveals how Intel plans to price its Arc series of desktop graphics cards and gives us performance clues.


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