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Facebook, as of now, lets users have only one profile that is linked to their accounts on the platform. But may change in future as the Meta-owned social media platform has started testing a new feature that will enable users have up to five profiles tied to a single account. Also Read – WhatsApp increases time limit to delete messages for beta users on Apple, Android phones

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The company, as per reports, will let some Facebook users create up to four additional profiles that will be tied to their original accounts. The idea is that Facebook users will be able to use these additional profiles for different purposes such as one for their colleagues and co-workers, one for their friends and family and one to explore their interests and interacting with influencers. Also Read – How to send any emoji as Message Reaction on WhatsApp: A step-by-step guide

The product change would “help people tailor their experience based on interests and relationships,” like posting different types of content aimed at family versus friends,” Meta said in a statement. Also Read – How to change language settings on Instagram: A step-by-step guide

All these profiles will remain under the ambit of their Facebook accounts, that will remain unchanged, but users will be able to switch between these profiles easily.

But things are not as simple. Facebook users who use this feature to make separate profiles will have to adhere to certain rules. The general rules of operation will remain the same across profiles. However, if one of a user’s profile is subjected to policy violation, it will affect the entire account. For instance, if a user’s a particular profile violates Facebook’s community guidelines and the company decides to suspend the profile for a day, not just the profile but the entire account will get suspended for the specified time period.

In addition to that, Facebook said that users who create additional profiles won’t need to use their real identity in their display names as long as the stand-in display name doesn’t violate the company’s policies and doesn’t include special characters and numbers.

As far as availability is concerned, Facebook said that this feature is still in the testing phase and that it available to select users without elaborating on the geography or criteria it was using for rolling out this feature.

It is worth noting that the feature comes at a time when the company is witnessing a decline is its active user base and facing still competition from platform such as TikTok and its own, Instagram.

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