Can Steam Deck play Minecraft?
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Valve’s Steam Deck is marketed as a handheld gaming PC that lets you bring your entire Steam library with you on the go. But what about games that you can’t find on Steam, like Minecraft?

While there are thousands of Steam games that are playable on the Steam Deck out of the box, technically, not every Steam game will work. That’s because the Steam Deck ships with Valve’s own version of a Linux-based operating system.

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So games that are made specifically with Windows in mind might not work perfectly. So, what does this mean for games like Minecraft that aren’t available on Steam? Are there any options that let you play Minecraft on your Steam Deck?

Can you play Minecraft on your Steam Deck?

Short answer: Yes, but it will take a little extra work.

Since neither Minecraft Bedrock nor Minecraft Java is available on Steam, the path to getting the game on your Steam Deck can be a bit complicated. But it is definitely possible.

Since the Steam Deck is technically a fully-capable PC, you can download Windows on the device. And that’s exactly what you’ll have to do to access Minecraft.

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Of course, these are some extra steps that can be pretty annoying. But Valve designed the Steam Deck with Steam games in mind. So it’s not surprising that you’ll have to go through a few extra steps to get access to non-Steam games.

The good news is, however, that once you install Windows, Minecraft should work perfectly fine on the Steam Deck. You’ll even be able to download mods and texture packs to enhance the game’s experience.

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