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Apple is clearly a favorite for many when it comes to the smartwatch department. The brand is leading the smartwatch market by giving tough to Samsung Galaxy smartwatches. While the recent Apple Watch Series 7  has a lot of features up its sleeve, there’s always room for improvement. And the new patent, that was quietly filed for the Apple Watch, shows just that. Also Read – Top 5 best-selling smartwatch brands in the world

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Patent shows an Apple Watch with a Camera and light emitter module

A new patent for the Apple Watch was filed in recent times. The patent shows an in-built camera on the Apple Watch. Perhaps having a camera on a smartwatch may not be new, but its implementation is what drives us to go stunned about it. Also Read – Apple dominates the global smartwatch market with over 36 percent market share

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Sure, we have seen cheap Chinese smartwatches having a VGA camera selling for nearly 1/3rd or lower the price of an Apple Watch. But they aren’t that great when it comes to the overall functionality. Then, we have also seen a remote camera feature that allows smartwatch users to click pictures while their phone is pointed toward the object. However, that feature doesn’t come close to what Apple’s new patent appears to showcase.

Interestingly, the patent reveals that the Apple Watch features a camera fitted in the digital crown. The images show that the camera is placed inside the digital crown, which lets a user point at an object and allows him to click an image while keeping the traditional crown’s navigating feature intact. The patent also mentions a circuitry that showcases a light emitter for the camera. It will probably act as a flash module.

In addition to this, the Watch body will be detachable from the band for the ease of taking photos. While this is a more futuristic approach and may not be that necessary for normal users, it will surely eliminate the need of taking out the iPhone to click photos. Not to mention that it will also save time, in case you have your eyes on fleeting scenery.

Since it’s just a patent, the chances of it getting materialized are slim. However, Tyler S. Bushnell, the original maker of the Apple Watch digital crown, also happens to be in the patent listing. So who knows? the design may turn into reality pretty soon.

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