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Google has announced a major update for its Chromebook. This update brings a host of new features to the Chrome OS powered PCs. The list includes detection of the wrong USB Type-C cable, a new app for handwritten notes and better magnification features among other things. Also Read – Google in talks to join India’s open e-commerce network

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Taking notes with Cursive

Google, last year, had rolled out a new app called Cursive on select devices. At the time, the app enables users to take notes using a stylus on the PCs. Now, the company has announced it is rolling out support for its Cursive app to all Chromebooks globally. “The Cursive app makes it easy to capture, edit and organize handwritten notes on your Chromebook. Beyond just handwriting, you can also sketch out drawings, or paste images within your notes,” Google wrote in a blog post. Also Read – Google plans to track your coughs, snores using your Android phone

As far as availability is concerned, Google said that Cursive will be preinstalled on all eligible Chromebooks. Alternatively, user can download it by going to and tap the ‘install’ button in the toolbar. Also Read – Google Pixel Fold won’t launch until Spring of 2023: Report

Better magnification and panning

Google is also bringing the ability to control the size of the magnified portion of the screen. Users can make it larger in order to zoom the content more. They can also make it smaller to return to the standard screen. Additionally, user can also adapt it to fit their preferences, or adjust based on the content that you are looking at.

Alerts for wrong USB Type-C cables

Another feature coming to Chromebooks is the ability to detect if a wrong USB Type-C cable has been connected to the device. Google said that eligible Chromebooks will notify users if the USB-C cable that they are using won’t support displays, or isn’t performing ideally for their laptops. Users will also get a notification if the cable that they are using doesn’t support the high performance USB4 or Thunderbolt 3 standards that their Chromebook does.

As far as availability is concerned, this feature is available on Chromebooks with 11th or 12th generation Intel Core CPUs with USB4 or Thunderbolt capability. Google will make it available on more Chromebooks in the coming months.

What else?

Lastly, Google said that in the coming months, it will also introduce features for more personalisation, like more easily changing the thickness, style and color of the stylus stroke to its Cursive app.

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