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Sony’s new PlayStation Plus service has launched in Asia and some users are noticing a pretty steep price to upgrade. If you had stacked up many months of PlayStation Plus previously, you’ll have to pay the full amount to upgrade your entire subscription all at once.

That may sound a little confusing, so we’ll look to this Reddit post for a better explanation. What’s essentially happening is that some users have already paid for many months, or even years, of PlayStation Plus.

When that user goes to upgrade to the new Extra or Deluxe PlayStation Plus plans, they are required to pay the upgrade price for the entirety of their already-existing subscription. You aren’t allowed to pay for upgrades monthly if you already have several months of the service tied to your account.

To explain this even better, Redditor Andyppbb shared an example of how this works. One individual has stacked 10 years of the original PlayStation Plus service that won’t expire until 2031.

When that person upgrades to the new PlayStation Plus Deluxe, they’ll have to upgrade the entire 10-year subscription at once. Some quick, basic math shows that this could cost somewhere around $430.

Say goodbye to those PlayStation Plus discounts you stacked up

Image: Sony

In case that’s not bad enough, you’ll have to pay even more to upgrade if you got your original subscription at a discount.

Let’s say you got a year of PlayStation Plus at a 25 percent discount during a promotion. You will have to pay that extra 25 percent to upgrade to the Extra or Deluxe/Premium tier.

It’s unclear if this is an intended feature from Sony with its new service. Of course, the company needs to make sure it’s charging the difference for users upgrading to a new tier of PlayStation Plus.

But requiring users to upgrade their entire plan at once isn’t going to draw people to the higher tiers.

It would be nice if you could upgrade individual months. And if you have extra months left over, then revert back to the original service when the upgrade time is up. But who knows if this is something that Sony will allow.

The service is still very early in its launch phase. We’ll have to wait and see what changes as the service comes to new markets over the next few weeks.

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