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Apple, for some time, has been manufacturing iPhones in India at its Foxconn factory. Owing to it, the prices of the India-manufactured iPhones were lower in comparison to the China-imported models. Now it appears that more iPhones and Apple devices could be manufactured locally, here in India, and will be made available across the world. Not just in India, Apple is reportedly said to increase its manufacturing in Vietnam as well, and pause its production in China. Also Read – Apple might finally launch a new HomePod later this year or in 2023: All we know so far

Apple wants to expand its production outside China

As noted by Wall Street Journal, Apple wants its products to be manufactured outside of China. And one reason is China’s lockdowns which have grown in recent times. Apple’s major production facilities were Foxconn in Shenzhen and Pegatron in Kunshan cities of China. But previously, the company halted its production due to increased COVID pandemic restrictions. Also Read – Apple Music Student plan gets a price increase in India and other regions

In fact, the company suspended the Pegatron factory completely. It later resumed production at Shenzen’s Foxconn factory. However, the pandemic restrictions imposed by China are increasing and don’t appear to loosen anytime soon. Also, the clashes between the Chinese government and the US are a potential risk for Apple.  And as a consequence, Apple is planning to go outside China. Also Read – Apple supplier BOE may lose millions of iPhone 14 OLED panel orders

Finding cheap and skilled labour outside China won’t be easy for Apple. However, regions like Vietnam and India have already been manufacturing iPhones, so these two regions could likely be Apple’s next production hubs. So far, we have seen only iPhones and some iPad models made in two of these regions. But, if Apple goes ahead and adds more products to the list, we could see even other Apple products manufactured in India and Vietnam.

What this means is, that the forthcoming and current Apple products like the AR headset, Apple Watch, MacBooks, iMacs, and all iPhones & iPads could be manufactured in the aforesaid regions and will be made available for sale globally. Interestingly, this could benefit fans looking to buy Pro models for cheap in India. Since only the vanilla iPhones were so far made in India, the Pro(s) were still imported.

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