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Instagram Stories is one of the most popular features of the platform. With new additions like links, stickers and music, the social media platform has made it even more engaging and useful for its users. The company is currently testing a new layout for its users that hides the excessive posts on the platform. Also Read – How to hide Instagram followers and following list: All you need to know

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Instagram is testing a new Stories layout

As spotted by a Brazilian Instagram user, Phil Ricelle, Instagram now shows just three of the Stories shared by the users. Right, users can see up to 100 Stories but with the rumoured layout, viewers will just see three Stories and a “Show All” option so that those who do not want to see all the Stories, can skip right ahead to the next person’s Stories. Also Read – How to use sad face filter on Snapchat, Instagram: A step-by-step guide

This layout might result in a massive drop in Story views, hence, bad news for creators and influencers on the platform. Many users have a habit of going through all the Stories on the platform by tapping on the screen, however, now they will need to think and select the option of “Show All” to watch the other Stories.

This will definitely create more pressure on creators to post good quality Stories so that the followers choose to see more. While it is a bit harsh for creators, other users on the other hand will be relaxed since they don’t have to go through zillions of Stories just for the sake of it. They can just see the three Stories and move on if they are not interested.

Notably, this layout is just in the testing phase for now, so it is not confirmed when or if it will roll out to other Instagram users globally.

In other news, just like Spotify, Instagram has also rolled out NFTs on its platform, which will later release on Facebook as well.

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