BYD India E6
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BYD India has partnered with charging partners – Chargezone, Volttic and Indipro. With this new partnership in place, all owners of the company’s vehicle E6 customers will have access to charging network across spread across major cities of India. BYD India is a subsidiary of the Warren Buffett-backed New Energy Vehicle manufacturer. Also Read – Warren Buffett’s Bekshire Hathaway to invest in Paytm

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According to BYD India, this tie-up is to address the re-charging needs of company’s new EV e6. The BYD e6 is equipped with a 71.7 kWh Blade Battery with a WLTC (city) range of 520km. The e6 supports both AC and DC fast charging which can support a DC fast charging from 30% to 80% within 35 minutes. Also Read – Mark Zuckerberg climbs to number three in the rich list

The Blade Battery was launched by BYD in 2020. The company claims that Blade Battery is the only battery that successfully passes the nail penetration test. This test is one of the most rigorous way to test the thermal runaway of batteries. Also Read – Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is now worth a massive $141 billion

Speaking on the occasion, Sanjay Gopalakrishnan, Sr Vice President – Electric Passenger Vehicle Business – BYD India, said, “It is matter of great pride for us at BYD to partner with these charging network players and be a part of the Electric Revolution. By enabling easy and convenient charging stations across major cities and highways, we will be supporting our customers in a smooth and happy electric driving experience. We will keep expanding the charging networks together with our partners. This is a key step towards strengthening our EV journey in the country. Chargezone, Volltic and Indipro are key players in electric vehicle charging infrastructure in India. As we step towards a cleaner and greener environment with our All-New e6, we will continue to be at the forefront of accelerating the spread of clean energy,”

Chargezone, one of the three partners of BYD India, has over 650 EV charging stations across over 25 cities. The public charging network will be made available on National Highways. Volttic EV Charging EV Charging service has over 300 charging points including Bharat AC01, Type 2, Bharat DC01 & CCS2 EV Chargers across India. IndiPro will also provide charging facilities across India to BYD e6 customers through their charging network.

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