Multisearch near me

Google on Wednesday held the Google I/O 2022 event at Mountain View, California. The search engine giant announced a bunch of features and improvements to its web search engine. The brand also introduced the newest updates to Google Assitant. Let’s take a look at all the details. Also Read – Google I/O 2022 to kick off today: How to watch it live

Multisearch near me

Google search has been a go-to search engine for billions of users on the Internet. And many search queries, lately, have been done through the Google lens. That being said, the Multisearch feature that the company announced recently has got an update. Google has introduced “Multisearch near me” which allows you to search for things near you. Also Read – Google I/O 2022: Android 13 release date, expected features and more

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How it basically works is that, while you are searching for a product through Google lens, you can add “near me” on the search and you can find results near you. Near me for Multisearch will work for all types of items like food, apparel, and others.

In addition to this, Google also brought Scene exploration by offering a more open search experience. With the updated Scene exploration on the Google lens, you will be able to search for multiple items and get their details with just a pan over all the items. As per Google, when you pan over all the items in front of you, it will take multiple frames and create a scene, later it’ll use Google’s knowledge graph to bring up the relevant results.

Multisearch near me will be released later this year globally and will be initially available in the English language.

Diversified Search filters

Google has also updated its search filters for images. Now, when you search some specific terms, you will get a filter for choosing skin tones in Google Images. The skin tone filter is designed by Dr. Monk’s skin tone scale which is said to be more accurate. Through this, users can get relevant images depending on their skin tones. For example, if you search for “bridal makeup looks,” you’ll see a skin tone filer so that you can get more diversified results.

skin tone filters

Additionally, Google will soon show such images with a schema that can be labeled by creators, brands, and publishers to show attributes like skin color, textures, and other details shown in the image.

Search with Quick Phrases on Google Assistant

Quick Phrases

Tired of saying “Ok Google” to Google Assistant? Well, this new feature will let you search the website in a more human way. Instead of always saying phrases like “Ok Google” or “Hey Google,” you can directly direct the Google Assistant. For instance, you can just say “turn the lights on,” instead of saying, “Hey Google, turn the lights on.” Also, you no need to be monotonous while asking queries to Google Assistant, even if you stumble while speaking, the assistant will pick your words and show the best results.

Personalized Ads in Search results

One of the interesting additions that will come to Google search results will be the Personalized Ads feature. Instead of seeing random unfiltered advertisements, you can choose what ads you want to see by setting up the category of your choice.

Personalised ads

You can also choose to see fewer ads while searching and browsing online. Moreover, Google will also let you take control of your data on the web. It means if someone’s posted your personal email or phone number and it’s appearing in search results, you can easily take it down by a removal request. It is worth noting that it will only be disappeared from the search results and not be entirely removed from Google. This feature will be available later this year.

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