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Today kicks off the 2022 Google I/O developers conference. The company’s keynote speech from CEO Sundar Pichai has already shed some light on upcoming improvements to Google’s suite of technology. Notably, Google Maps is getting a new, immersive upgrade.

Pichai highlighted the new technology with an extremely cool flyover of London. The new technology develops a 3D render of an area in real-time so you can go explore right from your device.

You can see how the weather is in a certain area or discover how much traffic there is. It looks like a combination of Street View and Google Earth, but with more detail and the ability to explore more thoroughly.

An additional feature gives you the ability to explore restaurants from your device. Google uses neural rendering from images of the inside of restaurants to give you a full, 360-degree view, using only still images to render the scene.

Image: Google

And that’s only the beginning of the future of Google Maps. The company has also been using satellite mapping to better map out buildings in certain, rural areas.

The new technology has been used to add five times more buildings in Africa, up to 300 million. Additionally, worldwide coverage of buildings in Google Maps has increased by 20 percent thanks to satellite mapping.

google maps routing update
Image: Google

And finally, eco-friendly routes are coming to Google Maps for European users.

In fact, Maps has already been used for 86 billion miles of eco-friendly travel, which Google says is the equivalent of taking around 100K cars off of the road. And it will only get better with new routes in Europe.

These Google Maps updates are expected to release later this year. But this is just the beginning of the Google I/O conference. Stay tuned to KnowTechie for more news from Google’s annual developer conference.

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