Silicon Power launches SO-DIMM DDR5 laptop RAM with 4,800MHz clock speed
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When you are a computer enthusiast or PC builder, there are peaks and valleys when it comes to excitement about internal components. Sometimes you are using desktops and/or laptops with bleeding-edge parts as an early adopter, while other times you are using ho-hum components that have been around a while. For instance, we have been using DDR4 memory for approximately seven years now.

Thankfully, the age of DDR5 is finally here, y’all! After dealing with DDR4 for so many years now, we are finally seeing PCs with DDR5 memory inside — including laptops and mini desktop PCs that use SO-DIMM sticks. Today, Silicon Power unveils some really cool DDR5 notebook memory. This laptop/mini desktop RAM runs at an impressive 4,800MHz and comes in capacities ranging from 8GB (single stick) to 64GB (2x32GB).

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“Taking speed, capacity, and reliability even further, the cutting-edge technology of this DDR5 SODIMM module gives that next-level edge for your laptop’s performance. With an aggressive 4800MHz frequency, it’s 50 percent higher than a standard 3200MHz DDR4 to provide multi-core CPUs with extreme responsiveness and the power to multi-task seamlessly,” says Silicon Power.

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The company adds, “Even with all of its extra power, this DDR5 SODIMM module improves upon its predecessor with on-module voltage regulation. A power management integrated circuit (PMIC) reduces the burden on the motherboard control and results in a lower voltage of 1.1V versus 1.2V for DDR4 for even less power consumption.”

Silicon Power shares specifications below.

  • Single Pack Capacity: 8GB, 16GB, 32GB
  • Dual Channel Kit Capacity: 16GB (8GBx2), 32GB (16GBx2), 64GB (32GBx2)
  • Dimensions: 30.0mm x 69.6mm
  • Voltage: 1.1V
  • Form Factor: 260Pin SOIMM non-ECC
  • Frequency (Speed): 4800MHz
  • CAS Latency: CL40
  • Certification: CE, UKCA, Green dot (Germany & Spain Only), WEEE, Triman, RoHS
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime

Unfortunately, these Silicon Power SO-DIMM DDR5 RAM sticks are not yet available from any online retailers. Sadly, the pricing is not yet known either. With all of that said, the cost will be revealed very soon once they are on sale here.

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