Screen grabbing utility Screenpresso 2.0 features improved video capture and better multi-monitor support
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For some people, taking screen grabs is a simple matter of hitting Print Screen and pasting the contents of the clipboard into an image editor, while others with slightly greater needs may turn to Windows’ Snipping Tool. While of these options are fine, they are both quite limited, and this is why the likes of Screenpresso remain important utilities.

For the uninitiated, Screenpresso is an advanced screen capture tool that makes it possible to take grabs of what you see on your screen — but it includes a huge range of tools and options that make it stand out from the competition. The app can also be used to capture video footage, and with the release of Screenpresso 2.0.0 even more powerful special features help take your screen grabbing to the next level.

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With the jump to version 2.0.0, just about every area of Screenpresso has had some attention and received improvements, enhancements or additions. The screenshot engine has undergone a revamp to not only help improve performance, but to add new capabilities such as the ability to zoom in and out using the mouse scroll wheel.

There have been improvements to the way in which multiple monitors are handled, and there are new cursor options. You can, for instance, now opt to capture a screenshot with the mouse cursor included, and then use the image editor to move it to a different position if needed.

On the subject of the image editor, this is another area that has seen numerous improvements, not least of which is the new left-hand toolbar. There are new tools in the form of an enhanced color selector, a new rotation tool and new shape drawing options.

The workspace screen which is used to display and manage captures has received a facelift, and there are new keyboard shortcuts to enhance and accelerate your workflow. There is also a new Chrome extension available for Screenpresso 2.0.0 which makes it possible to capture lengthy web pages as a single image.

Screenpresso’s built-in image editor is perfect for tweaking and touching up your screen grabs

One of the highlights of Screenpresso is its video capture option. Available in both the free and paid-for versions of the software — albeit with a watermark for non-paying users — video capture now has a stereo sound option. There is a new timer option that can be used to stop recordings after a set period, and there are new command line options for power users. Videos can now be exported to APNG as well as animated GIF formats

The ability to capture videos with Screenpresso is a major advantage of this screen grabbing tool

Helpfully, Screenpresso also functions as a portable app, meaning you can stick it on a USB drive and ensure you have this essential screen grabbing tool at your fingertips wherever you go.

Download Screenpresso Free from here.

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