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WhatsApp users are often targeted by scammers for their data. The internet is brimming with reports that detail how fraudsters are using various tricks for luring WhatsApp users into giving up their personal data. Now, in a more recent case, tricksters are using fake WhatsApp Support accounts for targeting innocent users. Also Read – Facebook parent Meta to open its first physical retail store next month

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According to a report by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp users are receiving suspicious messages from a WhatsApp account that pretends to be WhatsApp Support. These messages are from a fake account that aims to steal users’ personal data, such as their credit card details and their six-digit code to log into their WhatsApp accounts. This can lead to financial frauds based on the information shared. Also Read – WhatsApp users can now make voice calls with 32 people: Check how it works

What’s worrisome is that these messages are being shared by WhatsApp accounts that seem authentic. So, how do you differentiate fake accounts from the real ones? Here is an easy guide that will help you: Also Read – How to use banking features on WhatsApp using Airtel Payments Bank

How to distinguish between fake and real WhatsApp accounts

– As the blog site points out, when you are chatting with a verified WhatsApp contact, the verified badge is placed right next to the contact name in the conversation screen and their chat info. If you see the verified badge located in a different place, for instance, on the profile photo, it means the contact is pretending to be verified and that it is trying to fool you.

– It is worth noting that WhatsApp never asks for users’ personal information such as their credit card details and their six-digit code or two-step verification PIN. “WhatsApp doesn’t even ask for money or confidential information to avoid terminating accounts,” the blog site notes. This means that if a WhatsApp account is trying to get this information, it is a fake account and it is trying to scam you.

– The best course of action in such a case would be to block and report the fake contact within their chat info. On doing so, the last five messages from this chat will be shared with the official WhatsApp moderation team so they can understand the context of the conversation and they can suspend the account.

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