three images showing the pixel watch from different angles, plus a size comparison versus a 40mm apple watch and a 46mm galaxy watch

Google’s Pixel Watch has been a barely-guarded secret for years. Now we’ve got some physical photos, from an unlikely source. Someone left an alleged Pixel Watch in a restaurant and the person who found it sent lots of images to Android Central.

Now, assuming the device isn’t a fake, it proves many of the leaks over the years. The rounded design, the digital crown, the all-glass covering, and the pared-down design.

The device also confirms the latest render leaks, while going further as we now know what the watch bands look like. But again, we’re going off the assumption these “leaks” are real.

Image: Android Central

Since Android Central published their piece, the source of the images took to Reddit to fill in some blanks. The weirdest part of the story? The device had been in the restaurant for weeks already, giving Google ample time to retrieve it.

The device had no charger with it. That meant it couldn’t power on, and we have no way of knowing how it charges. Maybe it has wireless charging, maybe it has a proprietary cable.

The images also show how the watch bands fasten to the Pixel Watch. With the prototype, the band fastens directly to the watch case. Guess you’ll need to buy proprietary bands if you don’t like silicone rubber.

The images also show at least one button around the side of the watch. That’s likely for interacting with Wear OS.

Employees seem to make a habit out of losing prototype devices. In 2010, an iPhone 4 prototype was found on the floor of a bar in San Jose.

The next year, an iPhone 4S was left in a bar in San Francisco. It’s not even the first time a Google device got left behind, as the Nexus 4 was left in a bar in San Francisco in 2012.

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