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Meta’s Quest 2 has been a huge success for the company and it looks like the company is working on a Quest 2 Pro VR headset to replace it, which could be an even bigger success.

Why? Well, for that we’ll go to an unusual source for Meta news, Ming-Chi Kuo. He’s usually giving us Apple forecasts, so the Meta news must be juicy.

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He says that Meta’s upgraded Oculus Quest will be using mini-LED for the displays, with a 2160×2160 resolution per eye. That’s a full 4K if you add them together, giving the Meta Quest 2 Pro some serious display credentials.

The move to mini-LED also means Meta can use pancake lenses, which means an overall thinner headset. That’s because mini-LED puts out more light, which is necessary as pancake lenses lose more light than the fresnel lens in the current Quest 2.

According to Digital Trends, the Quest 2 Pro could also feature facial recognition and eye-tracking. That’s probably going to feature Tobii’s eye trackers, like on the Pico Neo 2 Eye which we found useful.

Meta will likely target a Christmas release for the Quest 2 Pro, as it did with the Quest 2 in 2020. That led it to be the best-selling VR headset, with over a million units sold that quarter. Over 47-percent of respondents to Steam’s latest hardware survey are rocking a Quest 2.

Note that the Quest 2 Pro isn’t the same Project Cambria mixed-reality headset that would allow for virtual objects to be overlaid on your vision. That was expected in 2022 but is likely delayed.

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