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Twitter has gone back on a controversial change that made it difficult for users to preserve deleted tweets. The micro-blogging platform, until recently, would show the contents of a tweet embedded on a website even if the tweet had been deleted by the author. But earlier this month, the company made a light change to its code. This change displayed the deleted tweet embeds as a blank space, which in turn made it difficult for people to preserve tweets. Also Read – Elon Musk proposes changes to Twitter Blue after getting a board seat

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As pointed out by Kevin Marks, the micro-blogging site began using Javascript around late-March to block deleted tweets embedded on other websites, including the ones that had been banned or suspended from the platform, which had huge implications, especially in the case of news stories as they helped in establishing context and sharing more details on the discourse on its platform. Also Read – Twitter will now let you unmention yourself from tweets

This change was later confirmed by Twitter product manager Eleanor Harding, who said that the tweak had been made to ‘better respect’ people’s decision. “We’re doing this to better respect when people have chosen to delete their Tweets. Very soon it’ll have better messaging that explains why the content is no longer available 🙂 my DMs are open if you’d like to chat more about this,” Harding wrote in the tweet explaining the rationale. Also Read – Twitter is finally getting edit button, but there is a catch

But now, the company has quietly rolled back this change. “After considering the feedback we heard, we’re rolling back this change for now while we explore different options…We appreciate those who shared their points of view — your feedback helps us make Twitter better,” a Twitter spokesperson told The Verge.

That said, this change seems temporary as the company is planning to ‘explore different options’. It is worth noting that Twitter has confirmed that it is working on an ‘edit’ button, which as the name goes, would enable users to edit their tweets once shared. The functionality is expected to have similar repercussions as it would allow users to change the entire context of conversation. It remains to be seen what checks and balances the company introduces to maintain the authenticity of the conversations on the platform.

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