Man arrested for stalking girlfriend using Apple Watch
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Apple recently rolled out a major update to AirTags that brings more stringent anti-stalking features to the device. The update was essentially aimed at preventing the AirTags from being used as a snooping device. Little did the company know that stalkers would turn the Apple Watch into a stalking device. Also Read – Apple iPad Pro 2022 might to come with Apple M2 chip and MagSafe support

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WSMV4 reports that the police recently arrested a 29-year-old man, Lawrence Welch, from Nashville, Tennessee in the US for using an Apple Watch for tracking his girlfriend’s location by attaching the device to her car. The affidavit submitted by the police shows that Welch has been charged with attaching an electronic tracking device to his girlfriend’s vehicle.
The police said that Welch was able to track his girlfriend’s location owing to the Life360 app, which they used to track each other’s whereabouts. However, she used to deactivate the app before going to the Family Safety Centre. Also Read – Apple reduces production targets of iPhone SE 3, iPhone 13, more: Report

On this occasion, the victim turned off the location tracking feature in the app, following which the boyfriend kept calling her and messaging her to know her whereabouts. Welch eventually came to the Family Safety Centre and instead of coming inside, he squatted near the tire of his girlfriend’s car, which is when the security at the centre got suspicious and called the police. Also Read – Apple, Google close loophole that allowed Russians to use payment services

When the police arrived at the location, they found Welch squatting besides the front passenger tire of the victim’s car. Upon inspecting the vehicle, they found an Apple Watch attached to the tire’s spokes. Welch later identified the watch as his. Following this discovery, the police arrested him for attaching a tracking device to his girlfriend’s vehicle and stalking her.

Later, the victim told the police that her boyfriend had threatened to kill her multiple times in the past, which is why she came to the Family Safety Centre.The report also says that this is not the first time that Welch is facing charges from the police. He is facing two domestic assault charges from events that happened in July 2021, which also led to an arrest in December last year.

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