Candi Grl Carlin Women's Roller Skate

There was an array of best roller skates for women in 2021. This year, the narrative has changed a bit. We invite you to take a look at the top roller skates for women. It doesn’t mean that these are only made for women, for some of these products also work for men and boys because they are unisex. However, only a few of these skates can be said to be truly unisex. So pay attention closely if you must make a gift of any of the following roller skates to a friend.

1. Candi GRL Carlin Women’s Roller Skate

Candi Grl Carlin Women’s Roller Skate

These are a pair of skates from Roller Derby. You surely know them for manufacturing beautiful products. The Candi GRL boasts a quad outdoor wheel type. The skates are adjusted to be a good fit for women only. Some of the main materials used in constructing both the boots and skates are aluminum, synthetic suede, urethane, silver, and other quality materials. So, at least you know that these products look and feel amazing because of the high-quality materials they are made with.


  • It is durable and can last for years
  • Looks beautiful with a combination of nice colors
  • Double action trucks and fixed toe stops
  • High-quality materials for long life


  • As these boots are synthetic, they can be somewhat stiff

Candi GRL Carlin Women’s Roller Skate (Periwinkle/Orange)

  • High quality colorful brushed faux suede boot with padded comfort lining
  • Good ankle support, perfect for beginning and intermediate skaters
  • High-end Quality Aluminum chassis with PU cushions with precision turning
  • Bevo Silver-5 Race Rated chrome bearings are built for speed
  • 66x38mm PU Outdoor wheels are large and grippy to roll over pavement, and glide…

2. Roller Derby Cruze XR Hightop

Roller Derby Cruze Xr Hightop
Roller Derby Cruze Xr Hightop

The second product consists of another pair of skates from Roller Derby as well. These also speak of durability infused by a good design. In fact, the quality at the price you buy speaks of something unique. The packaging too is nice but the buyer wants a good, lasting experience. Yes, all that is offered by the Roller Derby Cruze. When you wear, you need to pay attention to adjusting the wheels and trucks to suit your needs. These are skates specially designed for women. You can tell by the beauty they possess.


  • Modern felt lining for a great fit
  • The aluminum chassis is lightweight and won’t bug you down
  • High-quality polyurethane wheels
  • Silver-5 speed-rated carbon bearings
  • Specially made for women


Roller Derby Cruze XR Hightop Womens Roller Skates

  • Classic freestyle composite boot with modern felt lining for great fit and ankle…
  • RD Cruze aluminum Chassis is lightweight, strong, and maneuverable; adjustable…
  • 60mm x 32mm high quality polyurethane wheels are perfect for the rink and also…
  • Silver-5 speed rated (carbon) bearings
  • Cruze White fits true to Women’s shoe sizes (Conversion: Womens 7 = Mens 6)

3. Unisex Roller Skates Classic High-top 4 Wheel Roller Skates

Unisex Roller Skates Classic High Top 4 Wheel Roller Skates
Unisex Roller Skates Classic High Top 4 Wheel Roller Skates

These come with cool light-up wheels. It comes with laces that some consider okay but that others see as ugly. It depends on what you make of it. However, if you’re a beginner in the skating world, and you’re not looking for something fanciful, this could just be your thing.


  • It comes with wheels of ABEC 5 bearings
  • It ensures optimal safety by using controllable high-top shoes
  • Also comes with a classic double-now design
  • The wheels can last against constant use due to wearing
  • It is an ideal gift item for loved ones


  • The trucks are made of plastic materials
  • Lights at the wheel may start to die soon after you begin to use

Unisex Roller Skates Classic High-top 4 Wheel Roller Skates Double Row Roller Sskates for Boys and…

  • ❤【Wheels with ABEC 5 bearings】Wheels with ABEC 5 bearings: Both men’s and…
  • ❤【Perfect Roller Skates】These roller skates use controllable high-top…
  • ❤【Classic Double-row Design】Our classic double-row roller derby skates are…
  • ❤【Wear-resistant Wheels】Roller skates are equipped with sturdy four-wheel…
  • ❤【Ideal Gift】The roller skates in extremely vibrant colors are the perfect…

4. Stemax Quad Roller Skates [Good for boys too]

Stemax Quad Roller Skates
Stemax Quad Roller Skates

This one is an all-rounder in the sense that boys, girls, men, and women can use it. The adjustable lace systems make it useful for people of every size, though sometimes too big or too small can be a big problem. The sole material used in creating this product is Eva foam, while the wheel material is polyvinyl Chloride. Aside from that, beginners will find this easy to use and it will also be very comfortable on the legs. The design is good and people of most ages would love to use it.


  • Excellent for both indoor and outdoor skating
  • High-quality materials that are effective whether indoor or outdoor
  • The ergonomic material, soft boots, and high cuff with adjustable lace system works nicely
  • Because it’s a green camo color, your kids will love it very much


  • The wheels turn slowly, not supporting fast speed skating

5. Crazy Skates Glam Roller Skates

Crazy Skates Glam Roller Skates
Crazy Skates Glam Roller Skates

The Crazy Skates comes at number five. That doesn’t mean that you could generally see it as the 5th best skates. Anyway, this design is so beautiful and unique that you will be able to stand out from the crowd. They add to the shimmer and shine as you skate around your neighborhood. It is a good option for indoor and outdoor use. So take the advantages these skates offer you to speed around a boardwalk or a rink.


  • The design is based on a solid alloy truck, able to deliver a constant and secure skating stand
  • The toe stop can be adjusted and they are grippy enough for peak performances
  • Enjoy the use of up to seven-speed bearings providing for a smoother ride


  • The design material is a bit taut

6. Moxi Skates – Beach Bunny

Moxi Skates Beach Bunny
Moxi Skates Beach Bunny

Thinking of going to the beach, this Beach Bunny should be good on you, provided you have bought the right size. A big plus for this is that women can find it instantly attractive. It is unique in design, making anyone who sees it for the first time take another look. These boots and skates are made of drum-dyed vinyl fabric and also a custom Moxi Dri-Lex liner material, other materials present include aluminum, metallic materials that give optimum support while it is in use.


  • These roller skates come with the simple but lovely lacing system
  • They have the ability to provide a good slide
  • They are designed with security in mind
  • There’s an additional ankle padding for powerful ankle support


  • It may be smaller than the user’s standard-sized shoe

Moxi Skates – Beach Bunny – Fashionable Womens Roller Skates

  • TOP-QUALITY & DURABLE ROLLER SKATES – These roller skates are 100%…
  • EASY TO LACE & COMFORTABLE FIT – These adjustable skates have an easy lace…
  • FASHIONABLE AND STYLISH DESIGN – The Moxi Beach Bunny skate boots come in fun…
  • SMOOTHEST RIDE POSSIBLE – These ladies’ traditional high top skates have…
  • DESIGNED WITH SAFETY IN MIND – These recreational roller shoes have safety in…

7. C SEVEN C7skates Soft Faux Leather

C Seven C7skates Soft Faux Leather
C Seven C7skates Soft Faux Leather

Check out the design of these C7 Classic roller states. Truly, if you look at them very well, you will know that these are retro-design pairs of skates. But don’t be disheartened, for these are good quality products that make those who know them well bring back the feeling of the old days. The classic heeled boot combines with a high-type style that even young ones today can love and enjoy. These come with colorful laces for those who cherish beautiful designs.


  • These are lightweight skates
  • They feel very comfortable
  • They are tough and durable


  • Wheels are too hard and small a bit for outdoor use
  • The bearings are not top quality made

C SEVEN C7skates Soft Faux Leather Quad Roller Skates

  • RETRO BOOT — Classic heeled boot with a high-top style and colorful laces for…
  • LIGHT & FLEXIBLE — The lightweight, soft boot is comfortable, pliable and…
  • QUALITY DESIGN — 54 X 32mm wheels with a 95A durometer.
  • SMOOTH RIDE — Tough, durable wheels absorb shock for an easy ride.
  • KIDS AND ADULTS — Our broad sizing has roller skates for the entire family!

8. Rock GT-50 Black Roller Skates

Rock Gt 50 Black Roller Skates
Rock Gt 50 Black Roller Skates

It also goes by the name Sure-Grip, which somehow tells the user about the ability to hold the legs or the ground. Feel safe anytime you use these roller skates. It doesn’t matter, whether adults or young ones, just ensure that you tighten the lace and make it firm around your legs. You should be fine with that. You can also have a guarantee that the type of tech used in designing these skates will help you stop much smoother than you may have expected. You can also rely on it for smooth gliding movement.


  • We love the nylon plate
  • The design is smooth ABEC-5 Bearings
  • The plus for this is that both men and women can wear it


Rock GT-50 Black Roller Skates

  • Synthetic leather boot for SUPERIOR comfort with added heel strap
  • Nylon plate with ALUMINUM trucks and all natureal rubber toe stop.
  • 62mm GT-50 Swirl Wheels designed for SPEED
  • ABEC-5 Bearings for incredible speed

9. PU Leather Roller Skates

Pu Leather Roller Skates
Pu Leather Roller Skates

These are classic double-row skates that are safer and more stable. These are also a perfect fit for beginners who are learning how to become experts, but both men and women can find it effective. These roller skates are safer than inline skating, and beginners will enjoy making use of it. Another good feature is the stability the roller skate offers.


  • It comes in a classic design that young ones love
  • The carry bag is lovely
  • It is safe and stable and ideal for beginners
  • It comes with high-quality materials


  • It may not move fast enough. You may have to pummel it

10. Tuosamtin Roller Skates for Women

Tuosamtin Roller Skates For Women Copy
Tuosamtin Roller Skates For Women Copy

A quick glance at this pair of roller skates tells you that it is for girls and women only. It is great when you use it indoors or outdoors. The material is made of faux leather, giving us some hints about the quality of these roller skates. At the wheel area, the material used is polyurethane. This is reputed to be one of the budget-friendly roller skates out there. The classic design boasts of timeless retro design.


  • It offers stability and safety while you ride around
  • The wheels are made of long-lasting urethane materials
  • The wheels are high enough to ensure a smooth ride outdoors
  • It offers great quality at a good price


Tuosamtin Roller Skates for Women Girl Glitter Sparkle Quad Roller Skates for Outdoor and Indoor

  • 【High Quality Roller Skates】Women’s roller skates use high-top shoes to…
  • 【Classic Design】High-quality shiny leather with shiny and smooth surface,The…
  • 【Wear-resistant Wheels】The wheels of our roller skates are all made of…
  • 【Safer and Stable】The classic double-row roller skates are safer and more…
  • 【Service】Please kindly check the size before you order,If you have any…

11. Jessie Women’s Roller Skates

Jessie Womens Roller Skates Copy
Jessie Womens Roller Skates Copy

Jessie Women’s Roller Skates are made of black ripple polyurethane wheel materials. The closure type is lace-up. Imagine how it feels to have your feet lit when out skating. It is a good sight to behold. The boots are also good for people who have large legs, and they came with a bag in which you could carry them around. See this as a regular skate boot, not a sneaker.


  • The roller skates give a measure of safe operations in most areas where skating can be performed
  • The flashing four wheels are a beautiful sight to behold
  • The wheels are also wear-resistant
  • Because they are of vibrant colors, it is an ideal gift to youngsters


  • It may not perform well on rough surfaces

jessie Womens Roller Skates Water Ripple High-top Roller Skates Four-Wheel Roller Skates Shiny…

  • 【Classic Double-row Design】Our classic double-row roller derby skates are…
  • 【Flashing Four Wheels】The principle of four flashing wheels – when the…
  • 【Perfect Roller Skates】These roller skates use controllable high-top shoes…
  • 【Wear-resistant Wheels】Roller skates are equipped with sturdy four-wheel…
  • 【Ideal Gift】The roller skates in extremely vibrant colors are the perfect…

12. LIKU Black Professional Inline Skates [Unisex]

Liku Black Professional Inline Skates [unisex] Copy
Liku Black Professional Inline Skates [unisex] Copy

The sole material of these roller skates is ethylene vinyl acetate, which is a top-quality material for skates. In addition to that, these skates come with an aluminum alloy tool holder that can prevent rust. There are shock absorbers that can increase the comfort levels that wearers enjoy. There’s improved balance structure, control, and lateral support.


  • The removable lining provides cushioning need and gives comfort to users
  • They come with durable shoe shell
  • They offer seizure closure for triple protection


13. Cruze 84 Women’s Inline Skates

Cruze 84 Womens Inline Skates Copy
Cruze 84 Womens Inline Skates Copy

Fit-Tru comes through with a lovely pair of roller skates that you can buy in 2022. It is solely designed for women, and when you look at them, you get a quick feeling that this is made for women who love sports. The materials these skates come in are not strange or unique. They are well known for other products of the same nature. Therefore, you will find that the wheel type is inline skates, while the wheel material is polyurethane. Generally, these are seen as the best inline skates for women and girls.


  • These are best for beginners and intermediate users
  • They are able to keep four feet from getting hot when the weather is hot
  • Your feet will still be great after about a 10-mile skate
  • Great fun to use for both beginners and intermediary users


  • Don’t be too hard on the buckles

Cruze 84 Womens Inline Skates, Recreational Fitness Skates Designed for Women by Fit-Tru – Size 8…

  • BEST INLINE SKATES FOR WOMEN – Not just men’s inline skate in smaller sizes and…
  • BREATHABLE LINING – Keep your feet cool even on the hottest days with our…
  • ANATOMICALLY CORRECT INSOLE – Comfort is very important and we wanted to make…
  • RATCHET BUCKLE & POWER STRAP – Ankle support is key to a snug fit and better…
  • 84MM WHEEL & ALUMINUM FRAME – ABEC 9 bearing in large wheel equal a smooth ride….

14. Rollerface RFSport Magenta Women’s Premium Inline Skates

Rollerface Rfsport Magenta Women’s Premium Inline Skates Copy
Rollerface Rfsport Magenta Women’s Premium Inline Skates Copy

For people who love sports, these boots are lovely if they must resort to skating. The wheels are of inline skate which means skating can be done in almost all types of terrains. Although everything about reeks of sports, these roller skates come in beautiful colors that sportspeople appreciate at all times. People who desired to be fit, and people who love to make use of skating as a means of recreation would find these boots of much importance.


  • These come with 84mm PU wheels with 82A hardness
  • There is an aluminum frame that provides resistance in any surface
  • There are reflective strips that provide higher visibility under any lighting conditions
  • They also arrive with an extra padded liner with towel mesh for better comfort


Rollerface RFSport Magenta Women’s Adult Fitness, Sport and Recreation, Premium Inline Skates

  • SKATE BOOT FIT: Extra padded liner with towel mesh for superior comfort in the…
  • REFLECTIVE STRIPS: RFSport Magenta boot design incorporates reflective strips…
  • DURABLE ALUMINUM FRAME: Durable and statable die casted aluminum frame for…
  • ROLLERFACE PREMIUM WHEELS: The RFSport Magenta has a ROLLERFACE 84mm PU wheels…
  • BONUS: You will receive a sleek nylon shoulder travel bag included in your…

15. HEIFULEY Inline Skates [Unisex]

Heifuley Inline Skates [unisex]
Heifuley Inline Skates [unisex]

If you’re a professional roller skate user, this is one product that should draw your attention, because these skates can enhance your career. It doesn’t even matter whether you’re a male or female, these are unisex roller skates. Because they are aggressive in nature, they can be used in difficult terrains. However, that doesn’t mean that beginners can’t use it. It is lovely for them as well. You also have a traditional high-top profile rink boot to support the ankle.


  • It comes with an impact-resistant PP material shell
  • Wear-resistant PU wheel ABEC-7
  • The triple protection lacing system
  • These are unisex roller skates
  • There are eyelets to help you adjust the fit as you go


  • There are no rear brakes, and the rear brakes may not be effective for too long


You no doubt have seen the list containing the top-rated roller skates in the market for 2022. These provide safety with fun colors, making them not just objects to wear but also things of beauty. If your goal is to look for fun in the evening in order to make the rest of your day stress-free, you’re in good hands. Don’t forget to make your choice on the basis of the features that are mentioned above.

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