Ghacks Deals: The Mastering Mathematics Training Prep Bundle

When it comes to programming, math is an essential skill. The Mastering Mathematics Training Prep Bundle teaches you various math skills in 10 different courses. It includes courses on precalculus, number theory, graph theory, clustering analysis for data science, machine learning and prerequisites for quantum computing among others.

The entire bundle is available for $29.99 and the access period is set to lifetime. Here is the list of included courses:

  1. Master Clustering Analysis for Data Science Using MATLAB — Implement Classification & Clustering Algorithms Using MATLAB with Practical Examples, Projects, and Datasets
  2. Precalculus — Become an Expert on Precalculus Topics Like Functions, Trigonometry, Sequence & Series & More!
  3. Calculus 1 Mastered — Become an Expert on Limits, Continuity, Derivatives & Its Applications
  4. Master Number Base Conversion — Binary, Octal, Decimal & More — Learn How to Do Arithmetic In These Bases
  5. Number Theory — Explore, Learn & Master Fundamental Topics in Number Bases, Arithmetic, Factorials and More
  6. Graph Theory — 9 Hours of Basic Content on Fundamentals & Properties of Graphs
  7. QC051: Math Prerequisites for Quantum Computing — Get a Quick Review of Your Basic Math Prerequisites for Quantum Computing & Quantum Physics
  8. Mathematical Foundation for Machine Learning & AI — Demystify the Math That Powers Today’s AI Innovations
  9. Mathematics for Data Science & Machine Learning using R — Learn the Fundamental Mathematics for Data Science, AI & ML Using R Programming Language
  10. Discrete Mathematics — Sets, Logic, Proof, Functions, Stats & More — Master the Backbone of Mathematics and Computer Science

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