Apple’s New Studio Display Comes With An Optional $400 Tilt And Height Adjustable Stand
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There’s no denying that Apple’s Studio Display is beautifully designed and looks like a very premium monitor. It also comes with features like built-in speakers and also a webcam, saving users the effort of using their own webcams. With the webcam featuring a 12MP sensor and using the A13 chip to power Center Stage, you’d think it’d be pretty good, right?

Unfortunately, it seems that after making very good progress with its more recent webcam upgrades to the M1 iMac and new MacBook Pros, surprisingly enough the Studio Display’s webcam looks terrible. This is according to multiple reviews such as from The Verge and Daring Fireball, both of whom found the webcam to be very disappointing.

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However, there is some good news because when The Verge reached out to Apple, the company did acknowledge the quality issue and also stated that they plan to release an update in the future that would address it. There is no mention of when that update is expected to arrive or what exactly is the issue causing this subpar quality, but hopefully it will be able to fix it.

In the meantime, if you did order a Studio Display and plan on using the built-in webcam, don’t be surprised if it isn’t as good as you would have expected from a 12MP sensor powered by an A13 Bionic chipset.

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