After significant pushback, Twitter rolls back the tabbed timeline update

It was just last week that Twitter announced a new Home feed layout that no longer let users access their chronological timeline by default. The microblogging platform has now announced to take it back. In simple words, Twitter will once again implement the old chronological feed for all its users. In the recent tweet, the company wrote, “We heard you. Some of you always want to see latest tweets first. We’ve switched the timeline back and removed the tabbed experience for now while we explore other options.” Also Read – New Apple products are here and so is the Twitter memefest

With the new update, Twitter had announced that there will be two tabs at the top of the app to switch between Home and Latest Tweets. You will only be able to make Home as your default, or set up the two Home and Latest Tweets tabs and swap them as needed.

The company had rolled out the update for iOS users and had promised it for Android and web users soon. The update is now being rolled back due to negative feedback from the users. Twitter has further added that it is now exploring more options to make the Home feed better.

The change in the layout was quite confusing for many, which became even more frustrating for those who are religiously following current affairs, including the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

For the unversed, Twitter is testing new accessibility features that can make image descriptions or alt text descriptions more prominent on the platform. The newly introduced ALT badge on images will let the readers know if someone has added a description to the image. According to Twitter, image descriptions or “alt text” benefits “people who are blind, have low vision, use assistive technology, live in low-bandwidth areas, or want more context”.

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