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Sony’s LinkBuds are some of the weirdest earbuds I’ve ever seen, but the coolest thing isn’t the open-air design. The coolest thing is the control method Sony worked out because of how small the buds are.

See, with how the design works, there’s not really any reachable surface area for the usual touch controls. Sony’s clever solution? Use the skin just in front of your ear as the control surface. Yes, your skin.

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OG Techtuber Marques Brownlee got his hands on a pair of the Sony LinkBuds, and you can see the neat controls in action below. You can set up custom commands with either a double-tap or triple-tap on your own skull.

No more fumbling for tiny buttons that threaten to pull your earbuds out of your earhole when you finally find them. No more awkward touch surfaces with even more complicated gestures to remember. Just taps.

The only minor gripe with the LinkBuds? You can’t set a single tap to, well, anything. Sony must have thought that it’s too easy to trigger a single tap, so opted for double and triple tap controls only.

If you like the idea of tapping your face to answer calls, trigger Alexa, or pause your music, you can grab a pair of Sony LinkBuds for around $180 from the links below.

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