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EA recently launched its highly anticipated Battlefield 2042 game. However, the game was not well received with negative reviews filling the web. Recently a player launched a petition to push EA to provide refunds to all players for Battlefield 2042. The petition has caught on like wildfire, already receiving over 1,10,000 signatures. Also Read – Samsung Galaxy S22 vs Samsung Galaxy S21: What has changed?

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Taking a look at the recent events, it does not seem too farfetched that the company might just issue the refunds. To recall, Steam back in January issued refunds for Battlefield even though the period of refund fell far outside of the platform’s 14-day reimbursement window. Also Read – Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra vs Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max: The battle of the premiums

Steam has stated that it relaxed the refund policy has been put in place due to the ongoing buggy state of the game. Also Read – Union Minister Nitin Gadkari meets Tesla India head to convince EV manufacturer: Report

DICE has been putting in heavy efforts to address Battlefield 2042‘s various issues, which have plagued the game since its launch. The game at its launch was so bad that it received a spot on Steam’s all-time worst reviewed games list.

The issues do not seem to be completely fixed anytime soon, considering that DICE has even delayed the first Season update for the game in order to try and fix the game issues.

As of now, the petition has received 1,12,168 signatures. The petition names five different entities as “decision-makers,” namely Sony Interactive Entertainment, Microsoft, DICE, Steam, and the Federal Trade Commission.

According to the petition, a class-action lawyer is ready to take a closer look at a potential “case against EA” if the petition got over 50,000 signatures. A feat that the petition has managed to achieve already.

The question still is in the air, if this petition will make any difference? In the past, such petitions have not led to any concrete action, with Sony not budging on its refund policy. Well, except for Cyberpunk 2077. However, the class-action lawsuit aspect could prove interesting.

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