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Kim Wilson is suing Catlin Gabel School, claiming the school failed to protect her and other students from abuse at the hands of a teacher.

Elizabeth Miller/OPB

  • A former student is suing Catlin Gabel School, claiming the prestigious Portland private school failed to protect her from sexual abuse. Kim Wilson was in the sixth grade when she says her math teacher abused her repeatedly. Her lawsuit comes after an independent report found several instances of sexual misconduct by former Catlin Gabel School employees. The Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office recently opened an investigation into the allegations. OPB education reporter Elizabeth Miller joins us to go over the latest developments in this story.
  • Facebook has bought a piece of oceanfront property in the small coastal town of Tierra del Mar to use as a landing site for an undersea cable connecting the U.S. and Asia, but residents are concerned the cable would change the character of the Oregon town. We’re joined by Tierra del Mar homeowner Jeff Bryner, and Nicole Starosielski, an associate professor of media, culture and communications at New York University. 

  • We talk with Malheur County public health nurse and emergency preparedness coordinator Angie Gerrard. We hear about the reasons behind the county’s high rates of heart disease and the approach that public health workers are taking to combat the problem.
  • In a recent piece for The New York Times, Southern Oregon-based writer Emma Marris laid out her five-step plan to deal with the stress and guilt many people associate with the climate crisis. She argues that we need to fight for systemic change, rather than feeling shame about our own carbon footprints.

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