SmartMicroOptics’ DIPLE Transforms Your Smartphone Into a Powerful Microscope

Italian Institution of Technology spin-off company SmartMicroOptics has launched its new DIPLE optical platform that transforms smartphones and tablets into a powerful microscope capable of providing 1,000x magnification. The new microscope platform comes after the success of SmartMicroOptics’ BLIPS microscopy lens, which offers a set of stick-on lenses for taking imagery at micro and macro levels. Unlike BLIPS, the DIPLE platform doesn’t attach to the mobile device but is placed on a modular setup that holds both the lens and mobile device in place.

The DIPLE microscope platform is about the size of a smartphone box, and offers three different objective lenses with various magnification — 35x, 75x, and 150x. Getting up to 1,000x depends on the amount of digital zoom provided by your phone or tablet. The platform also features two mechanical stages collected samples that can be placed on, including a standard stage with mechanical and magnetic parts that allows users to shift their slides manually for the best image quality. The fine stage comes with mechanical screws for precision searches with adjustable subtle movements.

SmartMicroOptics states that the DIPLE platform is incredibly robust, and have tested them by dropping the lenses from, a three-story building while suffering no damage. They also say that the modular platform can be expanded with filters depending on the application.

The company is currently crowdfunding the DIPLE microscope platform on Kickstarter, with pledges starting at about $57 for the Red (35x) version with the standard stage. SmartMicroOptics will also unlock rewards when specific price goals are met, which include the DIPLE Lux, an objective lens with built-in light; however, they do offer the Lux as a standalone purchase for around $43.

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