Spotify Wrapped 2019: When can you listen to your Spotify Wrapped playlist?

Another year is drawing to an end and that means only one thing… it’s time for Spotify Wrapped to reveal how many times you’ve sneakily listened to all of the artists you’d rather not admit to liking! The music streaming service launched Wrapped back in 2017 as a re-imagining of its popular Year in Music event. Essentially, Spotify Wrapped compiles the songs you’ve jammed to throughout the year and neatly assorts them into a single playlist. Spotify Wrapped is incredibly popular, primarily because it allows you to relive your music memories for that particular year. That means you can reminisce about when you streamed Talk by Khalid every day of the summer, or rejoiced in Bruce Springsteen’s glorious return by streaming the likes of Hello Sunshine.

Last year, Wrapped launched on December 6 and Spotify wasn’t shy about promoting it. Adverts for Wrapped 2018 were plastered across the globe, including Piccadilly Circus’ iconic set of screens and Times Square in New York City. In short, Spotify really wants you to check out Wrapped.

Spotify hasn’t confirmed when Wrapped 2019 will release – if you head to the streaming service’s dedicated wrapped page it merely says it’ll land “soon”. However, we’d expect Wrapped 2019 to launch at around the same time, if not the same day, as last year. Just like last year, Spotify has already started to plaster the walls of public transport with adverts for the feature, so it would be a weird choice to take over the walls of some of London’s busiest tube stations only to hold-off rolling out the feature for a few more weeks.

Wrapped typically doesn’t track your entire year of streaming history. Instead, it usually compiles its data from January 1 to the end of October – that means it’s likely any Christmas songs you started binge-streaming in November won’t make the cut.

If you want to know the moment your Spotify Wrapped playlist is available it’s probably a good idea for you to turn email notifications on. That way you’ll receive a prompt as soon as your personalised compilation lands.

Of course, your Spotify Wrapped playlist will never disappear. You’ll be able to relive the playlist whenever you want from the “Made for” section on Spotify’s home page. In addition to giving you a new playlist to stream on repeat, Wrapped also gives Spotify a chance to highlight some of the most popular artists of that particular year.

In 2018, the streaming service revealed who the most streamed artist was overall and what the most popular track was.

Here are a few of the highlights from last year:

Spotify – Most streamed artists of 2018

1 – Drake

2 – Post Malone


4 – J Balvin

5 – Ed Sheeran

Spotify – Most streamed tracks of 2018

1 – God’s Plan – Drake


3 – rockstar (feat. 21 Savage) – Post Malone

4 – Psycho (feat. Ty Dolla $ign) – Post Malone

5 – In My Feelings – Drake

And for those who don’t use Spotify, a number of other popular music streaming services have similar propositions. Apple introduced a similar feature known as Music Replay, which bundles together a playlist of 100 of your most played songs from the last 12 months, for the first time this year.

Just like Spotify, Apple offers some statistics about your library, including the albums that you’ve listened to the most over the last year, new artists that you’ve discovered in 2019, and other insights into your streaming habits. And unlike Spotify, Apple will continue to tweak your Apple Music Replay 2019 playlist behind-the-scenes with any new artists or albums that start dominating your listening habits in the next few weeks before the fireworks signal the start of a new year.

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