Galaxy S10 receives Android 10 as LG releases its own version of One UI

After a while of beta testing, Samsung finally started rolling out Android 10 to Galaxy S10 owners last week… in Germany at least. The new software has since been confirmed to have arrived in the UK, India, Spain and Poland. One UI 2 is certainly more of an iterative update over the original One UI than a substantial overhaul – that means you get mostly the same intuitive design but with a swathe of additional features bolted on.

One UI 2 comes with an improved dark mode, a built-in screen recorder, new navigation gestures and much more for Samsung fans to get excited about. At the moment the shiny new skin is limited to the Galaxy S10 but it’s currently in beta for the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 9, suggesting more full releases may not be far away.

While Samsung is granting its fans Android 10, its arch-rival LG is doing the same. The South Korean tech giant recently started rolling out a stable version of the new Google operating system to the LG G8 ThinQ.

As you’d expect, LG isn’t rolling out Google’s stock version of Android 10 to its devices. Instead, the Seoul-based company has put together something called UX 9.0 that, as noted by Android Authority, seems to have been inspired by Samsung’s One UI.

When One UI launched it was most notable for positioning much of the content found in native apps towards the middle and bottom of a phone’s display. It appears LG is doing something similar with UX 9.0 – the vendor recently released a video highlighting its key features and has immediately drawn comparisons with One UI.

For instance, one segment of the video shows UX 9.0’s pull down menu that’s used to access quick toggles for the likes of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and more. Similar to Samsung’s interface, the location of the switches is positioned towards the bottom half of the display, making it more friendly for one-handed use on larger smartphones.

Similarly, the phone’s dialler was exhibited in the clip and once again looked very similar to that seen on Samsung devices. The same was also present for the software’s native clock application, too.

For one reason or another, LG appears to have since made the new teaser for UX 9.0 private. It’s currently unclear why the South Korean tech giant has sealed it from public viewing.

Apart from native apps with an entirely new design, LG’s newest software has a number of other features that’ll get its fans giddy with excitement. UX 9.0 comes with a dark mode that’ll put less strain on your phone’s battery life (and your eyes, too), new navigation gestures and permissions settings to name a few.

At the moment LG has only started rolling out Android 10 for the G8 ThinQ, but that’s still a commendable achievement for a firm notorious for delivering slow software updates. Some devices from the South Korean firm, such as the G7 ThinQ and V40 had to wait until June and May this year respectively to receive Android 9 Pie, Google’s operating system that broke cover in August of 2018.

It’s currently unclear what other LG devices are in line to receive Android 10 and when they will get it.

Of course, will update you the moment both Samsung and LG release the new operating system to more devices.

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