Bitluni’s Lab Unveils SNES Retro Gaming Console Powered by Adafruit’s HUZZAH32

There are a ton of retro gaming consoles people have cobbled together using single board computers and microcontrollers, including some tabletop rigs and portable handheld devices. Bitluni’s Lab recently produced a design that he states resembles an old SNES, only in a much smaller form factor about the size of a deck of playing cards.

Bitluni developed his ESP32 Mini Game Console – Game Wing as a FeatherWing for Adafruit’s HUZZAH32 board. It’s outfitted with I2S and internal DACs that port over mono sound and color (PAL) video to a TV, just like the old SNES that debuted nearly 30 years ago. The console also packs a custom PCB outfitted with a pair of SNES controller connectors and an SD card slot (for running games/ROMs), which is housed into a 3D-printed case.

In the above below, Bitluni details how the Game Wing was created and offered some handy tips and tricks for those with limited soldering skills, including using a tiny PCB vice to make it easier to attach the headers and other electronics and RCA connectors. Bitluni has provided links for the parts he used in the build, as well as sketches and the code needed to get the console up and running.

While his Game Wing mini console is meant for two players, he made another that supports a 10-person battle royal, featuring 10 controller ports, stereo audio, and is powered by an ESP-WROOM-32 microcontroller. All of the hardware is mounted to a larger custom PCB that measures 10 x 10 centimeters square.

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