Photoshop for iPad has finally released and some Adobe fans aren't happy one bit

It’s been over a year since Adobe Photoshop was first unveiled for Apple’s esteemed tablet, and now it’s here.

At its Max creativity conference last week held in the bustling city of Los Angeles, Adobe announced Photoshop for iPad was finally available. As you can imagine, this ignited the excitement of users longing for a new way to edit photos on the go.

But it’s been anything but smooth sailing for Adobe since. The firm’s Photoshop app has been met with disappointing reviews both on Apple’s App Store and social media.

As noted by The Verge, fans’ biggest gripe with Photoshop for iPad appears to stem around Adobe’s marketing for it. It seems many were expecting a fully-fledged version of the creativity app to launch on the tablet, but this is far from the case.

Instead, Adobe Photoshop for iPad lacks many of the fundamental tools that are enjoyed by millions of fans across the globe on its desktop counterpart.

Following the app’s release, award-winning illustrator Mitch Gerads was eager to question the app’s feature set, or lack thereof.

He said: “Photoshop for iPad is out…

“But…where’s the ‘Full’ Photoshop for iPad we were sold?”

In response, Stephen Nielson, the leader of Adobe’s Photoshop product management team, responded by clarifying some features present in the current edition of the app. He also iterated greater functionality is “coming soon”.

He replied: “We announced ‘real’ Photoshop, which is what we are shipping today. 100 percent pixel accuracy, fast/efficient cloud syncing, and core compositing tools available now, LOTS more coming soon (and quickly). Built on the same code base as desktop.”

Adobe’s chief product officer, Scott Belsky, has also been eager to respond to the app’s disappointing reception. He recently posted an image of Photoshop for iPad’s 2.3 star average rating on Apple’s App Store with a sad Memoji.

Belsky labelled the early reviews as “painful” and discussed the challenges of releasing a new version of an established product.

He stated: “A real-time v1 lesson: you’ve gotta ship an MVP to start the journey, but it will be painful at first. By definition, it won’t please everyone (and if it’s a re-imagination of a 30-year-old popular/global product, will displease many).

“If you try to make everybody happy with a v1, you’ll either never ship or make nobody happy. Such feats require customer feedback to truly exceed expectations. you must ship and get fellow passionate travellers on board.

“Excited to RT this someday soon with a different pic, as the Photoshop team ships the amazing road-map of features ahead, with our customers’ input. Heads down and off to the races…”

Adobe has said it will update Photoshop for iPad at least once a month. Photoshop manager Pam Clark has also said “this is just the beginning” of the new app. So fingers crossed Photoshop on iPad can eventually be the all-singing, all-dancing versions some fans so desperately want.

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