Pixel 4: Google just gave you another reason not to buy this phone

Google has announced the Pixel 4’s hugely impressive Recorder app is coming to older Pixel devices. That means it’s likely we’ll see the software make the jump to the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3a in the near future.

The US firm initially confirmed the news in a Reddit thread, but has since reaffirmed its plans with The Verge. Unfortunately, Google hasn’t said exactly which Pixel devices will get it and when it could arrive.

Why are Pixel fans so eager to get their hands on Google’s new Recorder? Well, because it’s better than any other app of its kind.

That’s because the tech firm hasn’t just given Android fans a regular voice recorder, it’s crammed the app with a bunch of software magic, too.

The Pixel 4’s voice recorder is special because it can provide live transcriptions of conversations with spectacular accuracy. What’s more, you can also search for specific words within a recording so you can quickly find whatever you’re looking for.

All of this means you’ll never have to meticulously scour through a recording again… for the most part. The Pixel 4 Recorder makes the odd mistake and gets confused if multiple people are speaking at once.

Google’s confirmation its Recorder app will land on older handsets is another in a series of Pixel 4 features trickling down to older hardware, giving the device a shrinking number of exclusive features and therefore reasons for fans to upgrade.

The American tech giant has already confirmed the Pixel 4’s astrophotography feature – that lets you capture stunning images of stars in the sky, with the right conditions and a four-minute exposure – will also arrive for the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3a, although it’s unclear precisely when.

Finally, Google has also confirmed to Android Police the Pixel 4’s nifty Live Caption feature will come to the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3a sometime next month. As a quick reminder, Live Caption can be used to display subtitles for any videos played on the device, a great addition for anyone with hearing impairments… or if you’ve forgotten your headphones for the morning commute.

While the introduction of new features to older Pixel handsets will surely be welcomed with open arms by Android fans, it certainly makes an upgrade to the Pixel 4 less appealing.

Google’s newest flagship isn’t cheap. The device starts at £669 but climbs to a whopping £929 if you want the XL model with much better battery life and 128GB of storage.

In contrast, you can pick up a Pixel 3a – that’s getting a number of noteworthy Pixel 4 features – from £399.

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