Tile launches all-new trackers with a battery life and Bluetooth boost

Amid rumours Apple is gearing up to launch its own Apple Tag tracker to locate your belongings inside the Find My app on iOS, Tile has come out swinging with an dramatic upgrade to its portfolio of Bluetooth-enabled trackers.

Tile has revamped its entire line-up with better Bluetooth range, years of battery life, and a new form factor. The latter is reserved for the Tile Sticker – the smallest tracker ever launched by the company with a waterproof design backed by adhesive so you can stick it to your house key, bike frame, or – as one press image sent to us from the company bizarrely suggests – on the side of a steaming mug of coffee.

To create the Sticker, Tile partnered with 3M for their adhesive smarts, so users can sleep well knowing that once it’s placed, your Tile Sticker will stay put. Even if it’s inside your wheel arch, or somewhere where it’s likely to get a bit of a testing ride.

Tile Sticker comes with a full three-year battery life and a 150 feet range, enabling users to track their items without restrictions. Sticker can be attached to anything, including remote controls, cameras, and outdoor gear.

As well as the all-new Sticker, Tile has revamped its existing Tile Slim, which now ships in the shape of a credit card to fit snuggly inside your wallet or purse.

Tile also says the size is perfect for luggage tags. But despite its weight loss regime, the Tile Slim still boasts a longer 200-foot range and nearly twice the volume of the previous Slim when you want to signal the beep to find your wallet beneath the sofa cushions. Slim also boasts a full three-years of battery life.

The new Mate and Pro models have extended range, enabling users to locate things faster no matter where they are. Pro still has a number of advantages over the flashier new entries into the range, most notably that it has an unprecedented Bluetooth range of 400 feet. Mate is a versatile finder to attach to everyday items such as keys, drink bottles, kids’ pencil cases and backpacks; and now has a Bluetooth range of 200 feet, 50 feet longer than the previous iteration.

You can also replace the battery yourself when it reaches the end of its lifespan, which makes it a little more eco-friendly than some alternatives.

“Over the years we’ve seen our customers use Tile for a variety of items,” said CJ Prober, Tile CEO.

“From wallets to remote controls, power tools to backpacks, our customers have shown us they want a Tile for everything. We’ve designed our new product line to empower the Tile community to find literally anything.”

Tile uses its newly-expanded Bluetooth range and increased volume to help customers find their misplaced possessions.

But when you leave the wallet behind on a train (well outside of the Bluetooth range) the Tile Community kicks in. Once an item is marked as lost, if any member of the Tile Community wanders within Bluetooth range of the missing item, the owner is able to be notified with its location.

Tile’s ever expanding Community, comprised of all customers with the Tile app as well as access points, finds more than 90 percent of items marked as lost, the company claims.

“Our customers increasingly rely on Tile to find and keep track of all of their belongings,” Tile CEO Prober added.

“Whether it’s their backpacks, their cameras, or their keys, the Tile community comes together to locate lost items. With more customers using our expanded hardware line-up, more partners adopting our technology, and more access points coming to market every day, we continue to deliver the most versatile and powerful finding platform.”

All four brand-new Tile products will be available today at Tile.com and major retailers; including Amazon, John Lewis, Curry’s and Argos.

Tile Sticker, which is only available in black, starts from £34.99 for a 2-pack, £54.99 for a 4-pack. The new slimmer Tile Slim, also only available in black, costs £24.99.

Tile Mate, which is only available in white, costs £19.99, while the increased Bluetooth range on the Tile Pro, which is available in a choice of Black or White, starts from £29.99.

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