Pixel 4 leak: If its camera is this good, the Mate 30 Pro and iPhone 11 should be worried

Pixel 4 just can’t stop leaking. In fact, so many details appear to have been outed that we’re not sure if Google will have any surprises left come October 15.

9to5Google recently posted a stream of alleged marketing videos for the Pixel 4 that showed off its new motion gestures powered by its new radar technology dubbed Project Soli, facial unlocking system and new camera features.

Cameras have always been the lifeblood of Pixel smartphones and it seems the Pixel 4 will be no different. Google has already confirmed its forthcoming handset will boast a new square camera module on its rear with two lenses. In addition to a primary snapper, it’s thought the Pixel 4 will also boast a telephoto snapper, too.

One of 9to5Google’s articles discussing the Pixel 4 claimed the device’s camera system will boast a new feature called “Dual Exposure Camera Controls” which, as the name suggests, will allow users to apply two different levels of exposure to a single scene.

Jargon aside, this could allow the Pixel 4 to take brighter and detailed shots in difficult lighting conditions, such as a sunrise.

9to5Google also posted a stream of purported camera samples from the Pixel 4, showcasing the prowess of its new array.

Put simply, if the photos shown by the outlet are legitimate, Google’s new smartphone could best Huawei’s Mate 30 Pro and Apple’s iPhone 11 in terms of pure photographic quality.

The samples showed the Pixel 4 taking commendably bright and detailed shots at sunset. The phone’s portrait mode was also exhibited to apply accurate bokeh, even on tricky subjects like a dog.

But it’s certainly the phone’s performance in low-light that will get Android fans giddy with excitement. Not only was the Pixel 4 shown to take incredibly bright, detailed and striking photos at night time, but it also seems the phone will be able to capture stunning snaps of the stars and Milky Way, too.

Astrophotography is something even the greatest of smartphone cameras still struggle with. But it seems the Pixel 4 could push the industry forward in this regard.

Other notable camera samples from 9to5Google included macro shots and an obligatory picture of food.

Finally, the outlet also showed the phone’s single front-facing camera in action. It seems that just like its predecessor, the Pixel 4 will be capable of capturing excellent selfies bursting with fine details.

The one area in which the Pixel 4’s camera could disappoint is from its lack of diversity, at least when compared to its rivals. The phone is not expected to come with an ultra wide-angle lens, instead, it has been heavily rumoured Google will grant Android fans a primary and telephoto snapper.

If true, this will surely come as sad news to users that enjoy capturing striking photos of architecture, or simply just want to fit more people in a single frame.

Of course, it’s worth noting the new information and camera samples leaked by 9to5Google haven’t been officially confirmed.

With that said, Android fans won’t have to wait long to see the Pixel 4 revealed in full. Express.co.uk will covering Google’s showcase on October 15 live.

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