Google Maps set to launch two of the most important updates in years

Google Maps users should prepare themselves for two major upgrades.

It seems the American tech giant is hard at work to make its navigation client more intuitive with a function known internally as “Eyes Free Mode”.

Discovered by the eagle-eyed folks at XDA Developers in a new version of Google Maps’ Android Package Kit (APK), it seems the feature will ensure users will no longer need to look at their phone as often when following directions on foot.

It was noted the mode would “add more detailed voice guidance during walking navigation” to alleviate the need for users to habitually check their location on a smartphone.

The outlet said the new feature would alert a user if they stray from a planned route and then re-route for them.

XDA Developers noted the mode would highlight itself when Google Maps users are navigating to a location on foot.

It is worth noting this new Google Maps feature has not been officially announced and does not have a release date.

Another addition to the hugely popular navigation app that could launch very soon is Incognito Mode.

Last week Google started rolling out the privacy feature to beta testers, suggesting its full debut may not be far away.

Just like it does for Google Chrome, Incognito Mode for Maps will kickstart a number of specific privacy features when enabled.

Incognito Mode will ensure Google Maps does not share a user’s location, update location history, save searches and more.

Once again, XDA Developers was first to report the rollout of Incognito to beta testers.

Google Maps will ensure users know Incognito Mode is switched by displaying a black bar at its top that aptly reads “ Incognito Mode is on”.

Moreover, the feature’s signature hat and glasses logo will also be showcased.

Incognito is enabled by clicking on a user’s profile photo in the top right-hand corner of the smartphone application.

This will display a button where Incognito can be switched on or off.

In addition to mobiles, it seems the feature will also be available for Android Auto.

Android Police recently received an image from a reader showing Incognito enabled on a car dashboard.

Although Google Maps’ Incognito Mode is currently rolling out for beta testers, it is currently unclear when it will be delivered to all.

It is presumed the feature will debut on Android and iOS smartphones.

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