Arkansas teacher reads bedtime stories to kids on Facebook Live

CONWAY, Ark. (KATV) – Theodore Jones Elementary School teacher Melissa Spence is reaching out to students beyond the walls of the classroom. She’s using kids’ love of technology to build a love of reading by reading bedtime stories to children on Facebook Live.

A teacher in Arkansas is using kids’ love of technology to build a love of reading. (Source: CNN)

“We’re able to come into their home and bridge that home to school connection and get kids excited about reading in a non-traditional way,” she said.

Every Sunday night at 7:30, Spence or another teacher reads a bedtime story streamed to students over the school’s Facebook page.

“I really like how it’s fun and you can just jump into the book and see where it takes you,” one first-grader said.

“They like coming up to us and saying hey I saw you on the phone reading to me last night, I loved the book that you picked,” Spence said.

Spence calls it Sunday Snuggle Stories, saying it’s part of an initiative to increase the school’s reading scores.

She was inspired after seeing a teacher in Texas testing out the concept.

“As soon as I shared it, people said hey we could do this for our school. So then the idea started turning,” Spence said.

First-grader Naomi says the weekly stories give her something to look forward to.

“The book that I like to read the most is Madeline,” Naomi said.

It’s a new approach to get parents and kids involved in reading together.

Spence says it’s a simple concept but it could make a big difference.

“One of the rise initiatives is to create a culture of reading and we are doing that right here at Theodore Jones with our kids and their families at home so we’re bringing the two together,” Spence said.

Theodore Jones Elementary started Snuggle Stories last spring.

Since then, Spence says several other school districts have reached out to find out more about how they can start up their own program.

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