Facebook may be working on its own Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV Stick rival

For now, Google’s Chromecast and Amazon’s Fire TV stick have been two of the most important media streaming hardware products that you can plug into the TV and connect with your phone to start binge watching videos. However, Facebook may soon join the bandwagon. The social media giant is reportedly working on its own Chromecast and Fire TV Stick rival as per a report by Variety.

Citing ‘multiple resources’ the report adds that the streaming device is supposed to arrive in the ‘holiday season.’ The streaming device is said to be a part of the company’s ‘Portal’ branded devices. Also, it just won’t be a streaming device but will also feature video chatting, will have a camera with far-field microphones along with augmented reality support.

In addition, the upcoming device is said to feature and integrated speaker. That’s because the company could have a hard time working with the speaker that is built-in in TVs. Having a dedicated speaker to itself will likely be a better solution.

Facebook’s upcoming device may bring augmented reality to TV screens. This may include face filters, interactive stories and more.

As for the operating system, the report states that the device is supposed to run on Android. This could make it easier to work with other content providers as they have already been working with Android TV apps.

Other than this streaming device, Facebook is speculated to update 2 Portal models that were released last year. The company’s vice president of AR/VR did mention that the firm will unveil ‘a lot more’ later this year at Recode’s Code conference.

Although this will be a first of its kind device for Facebook, it still might be late to the party and to eat the streaming hardware device pie. The markets where this is launched will also matter. The company’s Portal devices are still not available in some major markets.

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