Clinton accuses Facebook of spreading 'Trump's propaganda'

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton slammed Facebook for allowing ‘Trump’s propaganda’ to spread on its platform in the lead up to the 2016 presidential election.

Clinton spoke in front of the “In Defense of American Democracy” forum about the importance of civil engagement at George Washington University on Tuesday morning, and she was critical of the social media platform.

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The former first lady criticized the platform for failing to combat “Trump’s propaganda efforts” because they are “already spending hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars on Facebook each week to spread fake endorsements and outright lies about Democrats.”

Clinton also blasted Facebook over a video that went viral in May that showed Speaker Nancy Pelosi speaking but her speech was slowed down so it appeared as though she was either stammering or intoxicated. The social media platform acknowledged that the video was doctored but opted to leave it up on their platform. Instead, they added a disclaimer linking to fact checks of the video.

“Remember what happened to Nancy Pelosi a few months ago?” the former presidential candidate added. “Somebody spliced words from different presentations, put them together, and presented them as though it were real. And think how hard it was to convince the major tech platforms — who admitted it was fake — to take it down.”

She continued, “Some did, but many did not. And their answer — in particular Facebook’s answer — was: ‘Well, we’re going to let people decide for themselves.’ How can you decide for yourself when what is presented is blatantly false and manufactured?”

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